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Earlier today I set up my iPad using iCloud with an AppleID account. I'd like to change it to use my old MobileMe account (which I only used for FindMyPhone) since I've got several phones on MobileMe and would prefer not having to change them in each of the settings on the iPhones. In any case, I can't find how to simply switch my iCloud account on the iPad from one to another. It only gives me the option to delete the iCloud account, and says that'll delete things on my iPad, but simply switching to a different account isn't in there. The account name is greyed out. How do you simply switch your iCloud account?

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    Same problem. Set up iCloud using my iPad and iPhone using my Apple ID, but now want to change to my pre-existing MobileMe account. Seems like a simple enough request, but I cannot figure out a way to do so.

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    I have been having trouble with this as well, but it figured it out. Go into your current iCloud account and change all of the "On" buttons to "Off" while selecting "Keep in iPhone", that way all of the info on your phone will stay. Then at the bottom of the page select "Delete Account". Then go into Settings>Mail>Add New Account>iCloud. here you can add whatever email/Apple ID you want to create a new cloud. When it comes to files existing in a current cloud before the change, I can't advise greatly as my info was all on my phone at the time. I would sync in iTunes first and make sure that all the information you want is there just in case, then proceed as written above. This worked perfectly for my iPhone 4 [iOS 5]. Hope this helps!!

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    I use my husband's iTunes account most of the time since he has more music.  He used up all the storage.  I want to use mine for the cloud so we'll have our own calendars, etc.  If I click delete on my phone so I can change it, will that delete all of his information?

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    I believe to use your current mobile me ID for iCloud on a iOS 5 device you have to move your MM account on a Mac to iCloud. Which requires Lion. You can create a new iCloud ID on a iOS 5 device but from what I've read on the net MM users moving to iCloud on the Mac will get the 20gig storage free til June 2012. Creating a new iCloud ID on a iOS 5 device will give you just the basic 5 gig storage With the option to buy more. From what I understand to keep a email from MM you have to update to Lion on a Mac before June 2012.

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    You can use your account for iCloud and use your husband's account for store.  If you go to settings on your device, you can change your ID's.  That's exactly what I do.

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    Worked like a charm!  Thanks.

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    YOU are the real genius.  Much annoyance averted. Thanks!

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    Here is a variation on this question...


    I have synced some iPads (I'm trying to set them up for a school) to an existing iTunes account created for the school. I have set up the iCloud account using this same iTunes account - BIG mistake, but I didn't realise how tricky it would be to change.


    So now, I'm worried that, if I delete the account (following the suggestions above), I might actually also delete the iTunes account (and so I'd lose all the apps on these iPads and have to pay for and set them up again - yikes!) Or, will deleting the iCloud account leave the iTunes account with the same name etc untouched?


    I want the young students to be able to access the iCloud with a new, different username and password, NOT linked to iTunes.


    I'm scared!



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    I am planing ,to create a separate iCloud account ,with separate ID from that I have been using for iTunes,(by backing up my iPhone to iTunes after switching off iCloud) , this iCloud account   with differnt address and credit card, (to buy storage room on iCloud)


    my question if I do that,

    would this account communicate with my iTunes account and transfer storage space to my iTunes account which curry differnt I D.?

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    Oh my gosh!! You saved me from lossing my mind!!  Thank you so much for the info! Working like a charm now....:)

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    Wow - I wish I had read this before I made the transfer.  Yikes.  I have a MM account & a different apple ID.  Now I made the mistake of switching MM to cloud tonight and all my devices have picked up the MM as the apple ID.  I've lost access to all my purchases under my former apple ID - the main reason I wanted cloud was for the auto sync etc and now I have to go back and figure out how to pick up my MM but still keep my former apple ID.  What a pain to figure this out and get it fixed. 


    I will be following your directions and I sure hope I get it right the first time.  Will wait until I am less frustrated with this. 


    I consider myself a pretty strong user - can't imagine how this is tripping up others!  Thank you for taking the time to share your solution.



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    My issue is the other way around. I had a MobileMe account and this was syncing perfectly the Macbook with the iPhone and iPad. Then I upgraded my Macbook to iOS5 and did not think about MobileMe at that time and set up an iCloud account using gmail. Yesterday i upgraded my MobileMe to icloud and now I have two different iClouds. One from with all my information of addreses from the phone and one from, but with nothing of information. the last is on the Macbook. I want to change thus the macbook to a new account, but seems impossible. On your iPhone and iPad you can delete a account, but on the Macbook it is not possible .... or is it??? who can help me?

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    i would like to know how you upgraded your macbook to ios5, ios is for iphone,ipad and ipod touch only...... that is why these device are called iOS devices..... macbook,macbook pro, and imac use OS... like OS 10.6( snow leopard) and 10.7(lion) etc.........

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    when i change my icloud id. it said

    Cannot sign in, the maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this phone


    i dont know whats this mean n whats to do

    could anyone tell me plzzz

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