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I just upgraded iphone 4 and Macbook Pro to IOS 5 / i cloud!     I have had yahoo mail and calendar for years, and syncing with my iphone and the mail app on my macbook.   1) do I have to do anything new or special now that I havve iCloud to keep them sync'd?   and 2) should I stop using my "@yahoo.com" address and only use my "@.me" address?   And stop using Yahoo calendar and only use iCal?


Last, can iCloud inherit my 6 years of messages on Yahoo mail??


Thx!!   Bob

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    iOS5 treats yahoo mail accounts just like before. icloud is just an extra account, not a replacement.

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    Sjazbec, I have to disagree based on experience. Since activatingiCloud on my iPhone 4 (updated to IOS 5) and the mail app on my newiMac (running LION) last Tuesday, NONE of my email shows up in theyahoo inbox via the mail app on my iphone. ALL of my email is visiblefrom the yahoo website page through Safari. NONE of the mail sent frommy iPhone appears in the Sent folder on Yahoo.


    Until last Tuesday, none of this happened with my iPhone 4.


    Onmy iPhone, I went to Settings->iCloud and deleted my iCloud account(option available if you scroll all the way down) completely, andvoila, lo and behold, instantly, all my email since Tuesday magicallyappears in my inbox.


    I admit it's likely I have noconcept as to how iCloud is supposed to work. Of course, I bought bothLion and IOS5 and neither came with any explanation.