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After installing iOS 5 on my iPhone 4, my battery life is awful. Down to just 20% after a full charge just 5 hours ago – and it's been in my pocket most of the time. Any pointers?

iPhone 4
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    Having the same problem.  Left the house at 4pm with a full charge and it shut down dead at around 10pm.  It's not icloud-ing, either.  Just normal use. 

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    Same here upgraded last night went to bed at midnight with a a full charge and it was dead by 6.00am


    On the train to work it was litterally going down before my eyes  5% per 10mins switched everything I could think of off and it continued even in airplane mode though a little slower - having said that it has now stabilised and is back on - will have to try and work out whats the big drainer

  • Only XM Level 2 Level 2 (340 points)

    Similar experience....upgraded two iphones (model 4) and a 1st gen iPad.  My wife's iPhone is fine, as is my iPad.  My iPhone is draining rapidly.  I put it in my gym locker with 100% charge at 5.45AM EST; at 6.45AM EST, it was down to 88%!!  I noticed that it listed two iCloud in boxes -- identical.  I removed iCloud and re-added it, now I have only one iCloud in box.  No settings have changed from iOS 4.3.5 (creen at 50% brightness, BT on, wifi on, push on...etc. -- it worked fine under 4.3.5).  I'm in the office now.  Once it hits 100%, I'm taking it off the charger and leaving it on my desk -- will check the status every hour but not the phone. 


    Very frustrated...

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    I am having a similar issue with my 3GS.  Fully charged over night and 5 hours later I am down to < 20% battery.


    I have also noticed that the phone is warm to the touch. 


    I have a feeling that it is the ICloud backups and I am going to turn this off.

  • Only XM Level 2 Level 2 (340 points)

    I don't have iCloud back up turned on.  I have kept all my settings the same as they were under 4.3.5:


    wifi on

    BT on

    push on

    brightness 50%


    no problems


    Now, drain


    I charged to 100% and took it off the charger at 8.10AM EST.  It's not being used, and is cool to the touch...I will check it at 9.10 AM EST, one hour later.  If there is significant drain, I will charge to 100% and turn off wifi and BT and do another one hour test.  If the drain is gone, I will try bringing back BT only, and do another check.  Hoping I can isolate it to BT or wifi....but my wife's iPhone 4 seems fine, as does my iPad, both iOS 5.

  • Only XM Level 2 Level 2 (340 points)

    Turned off BT and wifi -- after an hour, NO drain -- 100%


    But....I was not getting any emails from my officer server due to a password issue on the phone (my iPad, which is not draining, is not pulling emails because I have the wifi off).  Now that I'm getting push emails from my office, the drain is back (even with BT and wifi off).  Even stranger...if I put wifi on either and try to connect to the office, I get password errors ON MY PC.  There is some type of password conflict and it's causing my iPhone to continually talk to the office server, causing the least that's what it seems like.  Will turn off mail push to see if that does it.

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    I can watch my battery % drop right in front of my eyes!!!! 100% charge and after 2 hours 40%.  iphone is warm to the touch.  Only time it stops is if it is in airplane mode.  I have turned everyting off I can find and no change.

    Restored phone startd from scratch... samething!!! phone is usless unles on life support!! (pluged in)

  • Only XM Level 2 Level 2 (340 points)

    Turned off push mail for my office mail and the phone is cooling down...will see if the drain stops...

  • Only XM Level 2 Level 2 (340 points)

    Okay.....may have found a solution...not only was I draining the battery, but the phone had trouble with our work network and caused some type of password conflict.   I went into General > Reset > Reset Network Settings ...this wipes out all the network settings, so you have to reenter passwords for all networks it had memorized...logged into my network -- NO PROBLEM, phone is cool as a cucumber and not draining so far...did the same on my iPad ... it can now connect to my work network and is holding steady...still have BT off and have not put Push emails back on .... one step at a time.  Perhaps the new iOS 5 needed to just reset network settings.  Worth a try...let me know if it helps....

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    Resetting network settings seems to have worked!  Push ON, wifi ON, BT cradle for 45 minutes, cool as a cucumber and went from 100% to 99% (this morning, it dropped 12% in an hour). 

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    I am having the same issue:  before iOS 5, battery charge would last at least 2 days.  Now 3 or 4 hours.  quite hot in pocket.  not using icloud for back up.  reluctant to reset all network settings, that's going to be a fair amount of work.  anyone else have any other solutions?

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    I can now say that it did the trick for me....yes, it will be a pain to add back some of the wifi passwords, but that's not too big of a deal....the phone is running cool and not draining like a sieve. 

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    Having same issues, drains from 100% to 0% in 4 hours of normal use. Resetting the network settings to test this.

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    I need help.
    I can't update to the iOS5 software because everytime it finshes it says this exactly "There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone "Monika's iPhone" The network connection timed out.
    Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, or try again later.

    Er. 3259."


    How do I fix this?!

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