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ok, seriously.


the iPod app in the older iOS iPad versions was kind of disappointing, but it was usable and I had hoped for a nice upgrade with iOS 5.


I sure hadn't expected the TERRIBLE downgrade!


- WHY remove the sidebar? This is what we use, for 10 YEARS in iTunes. Please put it back.


- WHY make the artwork so small we can't even SEE it? a 10" screen doesn't help much when the developers shrink the artwork to 1/4" or whatever it is now. I DO NOT want to have to tap the art every time I want to see it. FAIL. PUT IT BACK, please.


- Why no sorting?  It's really hard to find anything, other than a specific song.


- Why does the "COMPOSERS" view include EVERY SINGLE ARTIST, including tracks with BLANK COMPOSERS field? This destroys the classical music experience. A Composers view should only show tracks with data IN THE COMPOSERS FIELD.


- Classical music is impossible to find or enjoy now. Closest you cam come is using Genre, but there is no SORT option, so everything is just jumbled together.


- When I choose a playlist, I'd like to see a SORT option, please.


HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE DOWNGRADE - makes the entire iOS 5 upgrade experience negative.


I hope you will fix this immediately with an update. This player app is not what I bought when I bought the iPad.


You have ruined music playback on the iPad.

Very, very disappointed this horrible player ever made it our of alpha-test.



iTunes is a perfect interface. Please make the iOS for iPad Music app more like that. The iOS 5 Music app is a HUGE step back!


The fact that you don't even have an option below this box, under categories for this post, to choose "MUSIC" is telling.


You have moved the Music experience on these devices to the back burner and that IS NOT OK.


Please put some effort into fixing this huge misstep, and let us know about it.