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I had iOS 5 installed, after doing some stuff I didn't plan on keeping I restored the phone again to fresh iOS 5. I had set up iCloud etc to sync my notes.


When I reinstalled, I set up iCloud again, but of couse did not want to restore from backup (I want to start fresh). Now the photostream etc synced fine, but my notes is still empty. Anyone know why they are not syncing like photos etc?

iPhone 4, iCloud iOS5
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    I restored from my backup and checked stuff out. Turns out the iCloud does not sync ANY existing notes. If you check in your notes accounts, 'on my phone' will have all your notes, 'iCloud' will have none. If you setup iCloud and set it to be your default notes account, then new notes will be synced to iCloud, but existing notes won't.


    So just something to watch out for.

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    Absolutely. Notes and iCloud and their so-called backup are a terrible shameful mess. And no power to the user as no offline backup is supported as of Mountain Lion!