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    iOS 5.0.1 is a bust!!!! Still VERY SLOW, especially in cover flow!@!@!  I NEED A FIX APPLE

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    Don't worry everyone! I'm working in an Android OS to work on iPhone and iPod, it will be better than Apple imagined!!! My problem now is to crack the iTunes supremacy which I HATE!

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    Ducamendonca wrote:


    Don't worry everyone! I'm working in an Android OS to work on iPhone and iPod, it will be better than Apple imagined!!! My problem now is to crack the iTunes supremacy which I HATE!


    Seriously?  While you're at it how about building a Yugo engine that I can put in my Lexus.  Sheesh.

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    It may be just my imagination or how I finally ended up configuring the Music App, but it seems more stable and a bit more responsive now...particulary Playlists.  Playlists were horribly slow for me initially.  I split my original five Smart Playlists up into nine which seemed to help, but the Music App was still slow to respond previously. 


    With iOS 5.0.1 Playlists' peformance still isn't up to the old iPod App, but it's certainly faster (for me) now. 


    Overall the Music App moves between Albums, Artists, Genres, etc. much smoother, again for me anyway.  It seems they may have tweaked somethnig..perhaps not with the app itself, but maybe elsewhere to smooth things out.


    Of course YMMV.  I just hope they'll bring back the features they took away and improve this app to the point that it at least matches the featuers and performance of the "old" iPod App.  I don't think that's asking too much.

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        - I never sync my music to my iPod because I use multiple computers that don't have the same music on all of them. If I were to sync most of my music would be deleted.


    - When I try to drag and drop files from my library that were previously on my Ipod before the ios 5.01 update they won't transfer.


    - Also 99% of my album art won't display, even though the "get info" properties show the artwork attached to the file. I tried deleting it and re applying it, but nothing seems to work.


    PLEASE Submit a fix!!

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    Care to advice me on what did you configure to made it back to similar to how it was? i just did upgraded to ios 5.01 and I want it to be back like as close as possible


    thanks in advance

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    xSpiraL wrote:




    Care to advice me on what did you configure to made it back to similar to how it was? i just did upgraded to ios 5.01 and I want it to be back like as close as possible


    thanks in advance


    Here's what I did to resolve issues with the Music App after iOS 5 was installed:



    Since then I've also broken up five Smart Playlists into nine.  It seems that a Playlist that's anywhere over 1,500 songs or so gives the Music App problems.


    One other thing I did was to turn off "Group By Album Artist".  Settings > Music > Group By Album Artist - "Off".  I don't know that doing so made a big difference, but the Music App seemed more responsive afterward.


    Hope that helps!

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    Have tried all the available advise and it has stubbornly refused to comply. Have upgraded to the latest IOS, sorted my library as well as my playlist, reduced the playlist to <1500, switched off group by Album Artist, deleted my playlist, reset my ipod, reinstalled the playlist, re-sync'd several times and on and on...


    Oh, and I've left feedback for Apple, to which they are unable to reply.


    Think the best way forward for me is to restore back to original settings. Serves me right for not just buying a simple iPod Nano I suppose. More money than sense and bought something with more bells and whistles than I can shake a stick at - more things to go wrong :-(

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    My problem is that the Artists function is not listing all the artists, nor is it listing them by letter. I'm getting the j's with the k's with the m's...

    Also no artist appears after the letter r which is pointless. (I can find the missing artist with the search function)

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    My iPhone 3GS has had a few problems with the Music app since iOS 5.

    • When viewing the lock screen and chaging music (either through earphones or the controls under the time when the Home button is double clicked), first the music album disappears, then my background shows, and then the next music album shows. This did not happen pre-iOS 5.
    • When I take my earphones out, the music volume goes to the maximum level for a second. This is very annoying and probably my highest concern. What is worse is when I accidentally take the earphones out a little bit, the volume stays at the maximum level. If you have ever listened to music at the maximum level by surprise before, you know how frustrating this is. If you do not know what this is like, let's just say I would fire the person who caused this problem if given the chance.
      In fact, I just realised that the problem is not only with the Music app in iOS 5, it also happens while using Rhapsody. So whoever childishly scripted the volume or whatever for iOS 5 would be fired.
      Please fix this horrible problem.

    I have not had the playlist problem many people mention on the first page, but that may be because I do not have any large playlists. I do believe if I did have large playlists, I would encounter indentical problems.

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    Check the artists in iTunes, look what the "Sort Artist" is set under. That is how they are sorted.

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    I think I have a solution to the sort order bug for smart playlists.  Some of my smart playlists were random (or maybe in date order) on the iPhone when they were in album by by artist/year order in itunes.


    It seems that sort order for smart playlists is now affected by "limit to...selected by" field even if that is not checked.  If I changed "selected by" from random to "artists," my playlists on my iPhone are now sorted by artist -- even though I didn't check the "limit" box in the smart playlist.

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    Is anyone else also having problems with Podcasts on the iPad and IOS5. First the upgrade blew away all my itunes content (fortunately was on my Mac and iPod so could restore it). Second the new music and itunes no longer updates my subscribed podcast. In the music app it shows me my subscription, but only what was loaded at start and I cannot find anyway to update the podcast with current programs. When i go to the iTunes store it doesn't even present me an option or ability to see just my subscribed podcasts. I have to hunt through all the podcasts and find the ones I subscribed to (have not even bothered doing this by the way). So only way is to update my podcasts from my iTunes on my Mac book and then synch to the ipad. Thought IOS5 and iCloud was supposed to make this all seamless and easy.

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    I wanted to post this to try to help other people out there who are frustrated with the Album Art and other iTunes issues.  This information builds on things I learned in past iTunes versions, but this is mostly about iTunes 10.5.1, and iOS 5.0.1.  I ran in to all these problems after I updated iTunes and the iPod, and a BIG mistake I made is I have not been keeping up with backing up iTunes.  I had three problems, I was missing songs, I was missing album art, and I had a problem with one of my apps I just updated.  I had to find a way to find an earlier version of that app, Snaplink Mobile, and then revert to back to it.  But that's another issue that doesn't affect most people, so back to the music issues.  I'm not saying this will fix everyone's situations, but this will probably work for most of us.  I read all the posts from people who lost all their album art.  I had to do the below and 2-3 syncs before I saw most of my art back.

    First, I had to find a way to get ALL the music off of both iTunes and the iPod.  I can't emphasize enough what a mistake it is to reset the iPod or iTunes to factory settings before you try everything else!  There were 3 videos I brought that only existed on the iPod after I reset iTunes, and if I had reset both the iPod and iTunes before thinking, I would have lost them. So, what happened was, it is not that clear in iTunes 10.5, you have to go to the iPod tab, then the music tab, and uncheck the box that says "sync music", then at the bottom hit apply.  This does not erase your music, it just removes it from iTunes.  Then on the iPod, version 5.0.1, I had to go to Settings, then General, then Usage, then Music, and then there's a hidden delete button for the music.  Under "all music," sweep your finger across the right side of the all music bar, and the hidden delete button will appear.

    Then, it took 2-3 sync's to finally get both the iPod and the iTunes with no music.  Then, I re-checked "sync music" on iTunes and on sync, all my music was back on the iPod.  Then on iTunes, I clicked "consolidate library" and it copies (it does not move) all your music in to the iTunes music folder in one place.  Now all my music was back, but still a lot of art issues, so on to that.

    If you use Google Images, you can find a LOT of missing album art, a lot of it is on Amazon, and other sources.  You want images that are square, and somewhere between 300 x 300 and 500 x 500, ideally.  Then, I use Microsoft Paint sometimes to edit the album covers if I want to change something small about the way they appear.  Then put all the art in a folder in the same place.  Of course,  you can also run "find artwork" in iTunes to find most of your stuff.

    Now, a key thing to know is in the iPod, the album cover you see is pulled from track 1 of that music!  If the album art you see in iTunes is being pulled from a different track in the album, it will NOT appear in the iPod in your album list.  Databases are funny things, you have to know exactly what you're doing to work on them!  So, what you need to do is figure out where the album art you want for an album is at.  Use "get info", and find the album art you want for an album, and then right click and "copy" it.  Or, bring it up in Microsoft Paint, hit select all, and hit "copy."  Once you have that image, you want to make sure it is loaded for ALL tracks in that album in iTUnes.  As many have said, doing one track at a time, using "get info" is maddening and time consuming!  Fortunately, there are some shortcuts!  Once you have the album cover copied, there are several methods that work to get it on the entire album, all tracks.  One is, to type in the search bar on iTunes until only the album you want to work on is showing on the screen. Then you can use "select all" to highlight all the tracks in the album at the same time.  I had a few instances where this method alone would not bring up just the one album, so select all will not help in that case.  But fortunately, you can go through all the tracks on the album you want to work on, holding the "control" button down on the keyboard while you click multiple tracks.  This allows you to select manually more than one track.  Now, right click on all the highlighted tracks and hit "get info."  In the box that comes up, go to where the album cover is and right click and select "paste."  NOTE: You will see the check box next to the album cover come on with a check, but you will NOT see the album cover you just pasted until after you apply this.  When you hit apply, you will get a message that says "do you want to edit multiple items at once?"  Say yes.  It will then load the right album cover for all the tracks in the album, and fix a LOT of problems you're having.

    Another thing you may have to do for some or all of your albums is on the same right click menu that "get info" is in, there's another one "view in windows explorer."  You may have to select all the tracks using select all, hit properties, and make sure the files are NOT set to "read only."  That causes a lot of problems too.  It's also possible to right click on your music folder, and make sure all files and folders are not set to read only, but all at the same time.

    So, it would be SO great if Apple would be better at getting this type of information out in a clear an complete fashion, but that does not seem to happen.

    And, always back up your iTunes!


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    Macworld has published two very good articles. The first covers iTunes Match basics and the second some troubleshooting tips for those that might still be having issues.


    iTunes Match: What you need to know | Macworld


    Bugs & Fixes: Three essential iTunes Match troubleshooting tips | Macworld

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