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There are several problems with IOS5 Music app that I noticed, (These problems were not present in previous IOS)


1. Slower loading for songs with lyrics - There is a slight (1~1.5) second delay in bringing up new album art/lyrics/etc when switching songs. The way it delays feels very unstable like the app is about to crash.


2. Graphical glitch when loading some songs with lyrics - The area between the section with the progress bar/repeat/shuffle button is and the section with the lyrics become screwed up, the album art and overlay effect in that area become distorted. This goes off when lyrics is turned off by tapping on the screen then bringing it back up. However the problem persists when track is changed.


3. Unnatural scrolling of lyrics - Scrolling lyrics (especailly when I do it fast) feels buggy.


4. CRASHES with some Apple Lossless tracks that causes the springboard to respring - the app crashes with some Apple Lossless tracks. I do not know what is causing the crash. The file is fully tagged with lyrics/albumart. It seems to load and then it lags then crashes. The track played fine in previous versions (4.1 and 4.3.5). I can assure you that there is nothing wrong with the file.


5. Apple Lossless tracks very slow to load - Those tracks are just generally slower when loading and the problem with lyrics gets even more severe if the track is Apple Lossless.

*Most of those problems occur in greater severity for Apple Lossless than mp3 files.


Very unhappy about this update at the moment. What's the point of adding all new features if it cant handle the very crucial component...

iPod touch, IOS 5.
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