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  • bigdig2001 Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi again, this is what I saw at Apples Website:




    better way to do to-dos.


    Next time you think to yourself, “Don’t forget to...,” just pull out your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and jot it down. Reminders lets you organize your life in to-do lists — complete with due dates and locations. Say you need to remember to pick up milk during your next grocery trip. Since Reminders can be location based, you’ll get an alert as soon as you pull into the supermarket parking lot. Reminders also works with iCal, Outlook, and iCloud, so changes you make update automatically on all your devices and calendars.


    It says Outlook and iCloud not Outlook via iCloud!


    So Apple needs to fix this. Maybe someone can call Apple to ask for it or ooen a Bug.

  • ClickWheelNotCharging Level 1 (10 points)



    Uninstalling the iCloud Control Panel and opting to delete iCloud data from Outlook seems to have worked with no ill effects. I did have to manually delete the empty "iCloud" groups from Tasks and Calendars in Outlook, but it looks like none of my original data was lost (though I can't guarantee your results will be the same should you try this).



    Apple, I am still waiting for USB syncing of Tasks/Reminders...  I don't use Exchange and I don't want to sync into your cloud. And I'm not the only business user who could use this functionality.


    (And the "best" part of these boards? Nobody from Apple will ever read them.)

  • cdn-tallguy Level 1 (0 points)

    iCloud turned off but "Find my iPhone"

    I find the iCloud applet you have to install on a PC a pain.

    I'm using Outlook notes and those can be easily and reliably synced via USB>iTunes.

    I tried iCloud Photo Stream on my Vista PC, only uploads working but no downloads...

    Also wireless sync not always working....

    I like Google Calendar, great via IMAP (Exchange) on iPhone, no need for iCloud here.

    Dropbox is great for documents.

    This is the first time I had major issues with Apple stuff not working and quite frankly I don't see the

    innovation from my iPhone 4 to my wife's new 4S, same thing to me, well, one is white so I can

    distinguish between the two.

  • ClickWheelNotCharging Level 1 (10 points)

    Everything else is Google. Calendar, great via IMAP, no need for iCloud here.

    Dropbox is great for documents.

    Except that all these things require that your data be stored in someone else's cloud...

  • cdn-tallguy Level 1 (0 points)

    That's true but there's a benefit to it when using iPad, Desktop PC, iPhone at work when using the

    same contact list and calendar. I couldn't live withour Google contacts, before my contacts were

    different on all devices...

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    What the heck was Apple thinking when it left iTunes as a USB sync for Outlook calenders, contacts and notes, but did not add programming to sync Outlook tasks in reminders. iCloud is a disaster with Outlook; it seems to scramble the .pst. And good luck if you install iCloud and you have not backed up your .pst so you can uninstall icloud and restore Outlook.



  • mark∂s Level 1 (0 points)

    I answered this in another discussion

  • Kym Weiner Level 1 (5 points)

    I have noticed that my tasks and reminders are not syncing via USB either.  I have had a ton of problems with iCloud, so I am not having it sync with my outlook.  I looked in my settings to see if it says "sync with" anywhere, but I couldn't find anything. 

  • Kym Weiner Level 1 (5 points)

    That was my problem.    My outlook is now totally screwed up.  I tried uninstalling iCloud, but it erased my calendars completely and I had to restore back to an old .pst.  But now one of my e-mail accounts won't send from outlook, and it's my WORK account!  Makes working very difficult.

  • Mashcouva Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here, I wish not to go over cloud to synchronize my data. I'd like to do it the old way prior getting IOS 5. Since upgrading to IOS 5 I cannot sync data to Outlook.

  • ChazzyT Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same problem last night. I installed the icloud control panel which would not allow a merge of reminder items in any shape or form so is not worth it. So i uninstalled as i didnt really want to be using the icloud in the first place. Then noticed my calender items had been removed fully from Outlook.


    Please Apple... there is no excuse for this! how long have we waited for this kind of functionality it does not work as promised. The tasks should sync as normal like the calenders not the icloud, is this a ploy to force people onto the icloud?

  • Max Peck Level 1 (0 points)

    Phew ... I'm glad I didn't turn the iCloud stuff on yet.  Think I'll just keep using DropBox. 


    I do wish, though, that they would fix this and make it work the same way synchronizing notes and calendar items does.   Could it be that hard?



  • Steve Lloyd Level 1 (5 points)

    I also have this issue currently using Outlook, all I can see synchronised are my completed tasks (not much use)


    The lack of response from Apple on this thread is very poor indeed, virtually an admission that there is a problem.


    Come on Apple sort it out!

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    Well, as a new Apple user (iPhone), I have found syncing Tasks and Calendar via iCloud with Outlook to be a lousy experience.  To clarify, I don't use Exchange, just a standalone copy of Outlook on one of my PCs. When I first went for the iCloud solution, all of my appointments were duplicated as I know many have found.  After hours of removing the duplicates, then found the Outlook ToDo bar wasn't usable any more since iCloud sync-ed with a new Outlook Calendar instead of the default one.  Went back to iTunes sync which at least works (but in the move back from iCloud ALL of my appointments had lost their reminder (alarm) settings. 


    So, enough is enough.  The iPhone calendar isn't very good in any case as it lacks loads of functionality, as does Reminders.  I have now moved fully to using Google Calendar which can be perfectly synced with the wonderful iPhone App Calengoo.   and the Google Tasks are also synchronised with Calengoo.  Calengoo can also set recurring Tasks, which is something I could always do in Outlook.   Now, I can just have Google Calendar Sync load up my Outlook calendar (but of course that doesn't deal with tasks) if I want to continue using Outlook calendar.  but, in fact, Google calendar is just as good if not better so I shall be using that in the future.


    Sorry Apple, your Calendar, Tasks and synchronising are just not good enough.


    I'm still synching my Contacts via iCloud for the time being as that seems to work ok.



  • ClickWheelNotCharging Level 1 (10 points)

    Like you, I use Outlook extensively, but I do not use an Exchange server. My experience after a few years is this:


    Syncing via iTunes/USB worked/works great for Calendars, Contacts, and Notes. Plug your phone into you PC via USB, click the checkboxes in iTunes to indicate you want to sync those three things with Outlook, and everything just works. Great!


    My brief experience with iCloud, however, was the exact opposite. The *only* reason I even tried it was to sync Tasks to Reminders (a long-missing feature on the iPhone). I had been using "2Do" for Tasks, and was very excited about Reminders until I realized that USB syncing is not supported.


    As you stated, iCloud (without ever asking me) created a new Calendar and a new Task list - both named "iCloud" - and then duplicated everything. The really annoying part is that I only selected syncing of Reminders/Tasks in iCloud yet it still created a new Calendar. Why?


    And to top it off, the iCloud Tasks group does not show up in your Tasks sidebar in Outlook, so it's not really a "sync" -- more of a parellel copy-to-Oulook operation. VERY disappointing.


    The only good thing I could say was that uninstalling iCloud seemed to work OK, though I had to manually remove the new calendar and task group.


    Good luck!

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