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    I am so disappointed in the iCloud and a little disappointed in Apple.  I set up the Cloud pretty much right away with the expectation that it would work.  I only set it up on the iPad, not on the two iPhones that sync to the are Outlook information.  It turned out to be junk and only took me a week to get rid of, have my phones sync properly again and restore the data I lost.  Now...Reminders will not sync to Tasks which is just icing on the cake.  Apple has to fix this and for goodness sake, employ some people that can help testing on PC; not everyone uses Mac.  WARNING:  DO NOT USE THE CLOUD.  If you do, be prepared to spend about 30 hours fixing your device/computer after.

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    Hello, Apple. Where is tool for sync tasks?

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    Having read all these posts, and then set up iCloud on my PC as per the instruction on the support page, it all syncs beautifully. Every time I create a new task in Outlook, it magically appears in Reminders a few minutes (even seconds) later - and vice versa - new Reminders appear in Tasks just as seemlessly.


    For those trying to create a task from an email (red flagging), I found the best way is to 'copy' the email (not 'move' the email) into the Tasks folder (from highlighted email in inbox, goto Edit, Copy to Folder, and select Tasks). AGain, this worked seemlessly with the full email available to read in Reminders under the Exchange heading.


    So, it does what it says on the can.....well done Apple - finally, full integration between Outlook and iOS!!

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    Well said twoway,

    Getting an iPhone two weeks ago is my first foray into appledom - and whilst experiencing the "jellylegs" excitement of all the cool stuff, "What The.Mac" is going on with tasks not syncing from Outlook?


    This must be the design oversight of the century.

    • What, I have to buy an ap - are you serious!
    • I have to use icloud to do this! and have a paralysed ToDo Bar, parameter issues, useless new and unsolicited calendar groups, new folders, calendar items stripped of categories, a useless @me email address to manage! (icloud is cool, but the outlook issues - well, it was like a gorgeous girl burping in your face)

    This is almost a deal-breaker for me.


    Come on guys, actually have a look at how an extremely large amount of us want to manage our lives, and get with the macking program.


    Assigned task: Create a Task App Standard with the iPhone that syncs with all the other outlook items with iTunes.

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    There is a work-around to get the to-do-bar to work.


    Note: you will have to do this each time you want to update the calendar (to-do-bar) in Outlook.


    1. Make sure all of your events are stored on your Iphone and you are in sync with Icloud.

    2. Delete all events in Outlook and close. (This is so you don't have any duplicates on your iphone after the merge)

    3. Turn off sync calendar on iphone with icloud.

    4. In itunes make sure you have it checked to sync calendar then Sync with itunes.

    5. Afterwards, Don't forget to turn back on icloud on your iphone so it can continue to sync the calendar.

    6. Now the events will show up on your to-do-bar.

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    Jus wait till you look for the Tasks....zapped!

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    The failure of Icloud to fully sync outlook tasks and corrupting a lot of my contact data, it took a month to get rid of icloud before a point of no return was reached and just had to wait for the news of how much it would cost to use the icloud storage. It will happen and follow the American Apples piracy into my communications. Quite apart from telling me what I can and cannot put into my Iphone 3gs it wants to control where its stored too....sorry big brother, when this contracts over anything apple gets the gig push down the thrash chute!

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    Apple this is serious issue! So strange that you done nothing at all! In my country allmost every business use outlook... If company manager looks what kind of phones to buy for company, then he looks suggestions from IT department and they aren´´t so friendly to Apple. One big issue is office support. So think again how this affecting you sale. Second big issue is calender reminders, it only reminds once and there isnt any future reminds. But if i dont hear reminder? It must have option is it done or not! And if isn t done then at least it shows in calender icon red cricle and number of unsolved items. Solve this and you sales numbers get better in business segment!

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    Antil, I have come to realise the answer to your question is that Apple could not really give a toss. They know that with smoke and mirrors, or indeed no action from them whatsoever People assuming a full sync with competitors Microsoft Outlook will only find the omission with tasks and reminders when they no longer get them! I really have come to the conclusion that if Apple stoop this low in tit for tat, compromising customer satisfaction and seamless syncing to the most used and popular outlook software then Apple are out the window, who knows what other gremlins they insert to sabotage in competitors other software. SHAME ON YOU APPLE!!!

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    WRONG! It does not symc your reminders and Tasks...never will!

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    I recommend sugarsynch - much better than icloud. 

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    I agree - very frustrating.  I have to keep my BB because IPhone does not synch Outlook tasks.  Is there anyway to talk directly to Apple

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    As we see Apple even not answering or taking any stand on that issue. So i think we need get some attention for this big problem, so if i have time i will write to some journalist, maybe they find intrest to write in public about that. And maybe Apple then starts do something.

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    This would be great ahtil. The more public shaming of Apple that can be done for their sabotaging all "non apple" software on their devices; then the more likely they might be to bend to consumer demand. While its appreciated some degree of control is needed to maintain the integrity of the Apple product, the deliberate spiking as we have here of not allowing sync of tasks in a widly used product such as outlook is quite frankly a "bridge too far"!

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    It's not that tasks don't sync, because with the use of iCloud makes it work. However, it works as well as an athelete playing football on crutches. You can ONLY sync tasks from Outlook to your iPhone/iPod through iCloud, and it only syncs witht he special tasks/calendar account that it creates in Outlook. I have stopped using iCloud with my Outlook because it has made all my information incompatible with anything else that I sync with Outlook. Tasks should be able to sync through iTunes.


    The other issue here is that when iCloud is installed, there is a major restructuing of your tasks, calendars, contacts, and notes without user input or knowledge.


    I am done with Apple expecting me to have my inormation work the way they think it should work. Because usually it makes no sense, is confusing and complicated, and doesn't work with anything else I want to do.


    If this goes to the media, we need to let them know that Apple does not know how to handle our information.

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