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  • ClickWheelNotCharging Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    That is the key issue: it's not that you can't sync.


    To sync Tasks with Reminders, you must be willing to live with some weird parallel universe in Outlook that wouldn't otherwise exist (i.e., second calendar, second task list, certain broken/reduced functionality) AND you must store you data in Apple's cloud, even if you have no other use for the cloud.

  • andyfromcanterbury Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Having uploaded all to icloud I found all of my contacts jumbled into a useless mish of rubbish. Telephone numbers were assigned to seemingly random contacts causing no end of embaressment upon finding an unexpected answer when I rang. It took several weeks to remove and restore to hopefully "as was".


    So why am I as a consumer, upon purchasing a tool, namely an iphone 3gs expected to change my entire filing system and move it onto apples icloud, though it did this anyway without my knowladge of exactly what it was doing. Why do these people want everyone forced into migrating to their clouds? Is it attempt to become top doggys over microsoft or a commercial tactit that eventually see charges expected for your cloud storage?


    When I purchase a tool I do not expect the manufacturer to take total control of how it is used and what I can and cannot do with it. The tail is truely wagging the dog!

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    Well ... I've been to the "cloud" and back.  Fortunately I didn't lose major data but I did have to spend a couple of hours cleaning up.


    I was beginning to wonder why new contacts I placed in my iPhone (or iPad) were not showing up in my Outlook contacts after syncing with my main machine.  iTunes indicated that even though the cloud was in use that the PC should be getting the synchronization.  Not so.  Once I turned off the iCloud for the calendar and contacts they started syncing with the PC again.  Oh well, I'll just have to be satisfied with it as-is for now.  Fortunately I'm not an "executive" so I don't live and die by a list of a thousand contacts.  It is, however, pretty annoying.


    Outlook 2003 has been and, as far as I'm concerned, will continue to be my nerve-center when it comes to calendar, e-mail and contacts.  (I have no need or interest in 2007/2010 which the iCloud control panel seems to require.  Too bad). Over the years I've built a pretty large system of folders where I keep things so my i-devices (like them as much as I do) are going to have to be subservient to that system, not the other way around.


    Maybe they'll fix some of this for iOS6.  I can't help but think that I'm not alone here ... Office 2003 is pretty sweet and I'm sure there's a lot of people still using it.  Just call us "ribbon haters" if you like.  Nevertheless the Outlook file system is still pretty consistent into the new versions I believe and why Apple can't straighten this out is beyond me.  The bottom line here is that it just doesn't work (not that I'm saying anything new).

  • the_writing_critic Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Maybe they'll fix some of this for iOS6.  I can't help but think that I'm not alone here ...

    We are wonding why this wasn't done right for iOS 5.

  • 1RD Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    So why is it that we cannot get to Apple and get a response.  If they fixed this it would make the Iphone more valuable. 

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    I find the combination of gSynit running on the PC to sync Outllook to Google and Toodledo and Pocket Informant running on iOS does a fantastic job of syncing calendar, tasks, contacts, and notes across the two platforms. These products allow a lot of control over what gets synced using Outlook categories.

  • ClickWheelNotCharging Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Requires syncing to a cloud -- that's the issue here -- why must one sync to the cloud (Apple or Google)?

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    I have the same issue with flagging emails and Tasks with due dates, and cannot get them on my IPhone and IPad. 


    I am sick and tired of Apple's half-baked solutions, so they can fix it later and get you to buy new stuff.  Or forcing you to do it the way they want you to do it. 

    My IPhone is going in the trash and an Android is coming.  I'll keep the IPad, as there are a few things I have to do that can't be done on an Android tablet. 

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    I am using Appigo Todo Lite with Appigo Sync which allows Wi-Fi sync with Outlook.  You have to use the Todo Lite app instead of Reminders, but it's not a big deal to use one app over another.  Not sure if it gets searched in the device search, but syncing works fine without the cloud and it is a free solution.

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    What you using for sync outlook calender? I m seriosly thinking move to Samsung Galaxy S3. As we see Apple don t care at all in this issue and i see other things to. Samsung tries improve his phones and listens his costumers...

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    You have to install the Todo Lite app (Appigo) on the iPhone and the Appigo Sync software on your PC.  You can find out about both at  This will enable the Wi-Fi sync of the Todo Lite app and your Outlook tasks.  Seems to support categories, etc. and it is free.  I tried searching and the Todo Lite data is not searched by the overall phone search function.

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    Guys, check out  It basically syncs your local Outlook foldesr with your iCloud folders.  It's sort of a weird hack, but it seems to work great.  I am able to update my tasks via the To-Do Bar and it syncs with my iCloud folder which in turn updates the Reminders app on my iPhone.  Also works for contacts and calendars (haven't tested myself, though).  It's a festivus miracle!

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    Here's the thing -Outlook ToDo items are not the same as Outlook Tasks. A Task is always a ToDo but a ToDo is not a Task. IOS only syncs Tasks.


    So, if you're typing something you want to do, make it a Task (CTRL-SHIFT-K) 'k' for tasK. It wil sync, and if you've got task subfolders, it will even sync into the correct subfolder.


    If you want to make an email an action item, you can create a task rather than flag it as a ToDo. Ways to do this:


    • move the email into a task folder - the task will be created with the subject of the email and the text of the email in the task
    • copy the email into a task folder - a copy will remain in your mailbox
    • create a 'quick step' to create the task; create the quick step, highlight the email you want to task-ify and off you go.


    Here's a link to  explanation of the difference between ToDos and Tasks, written for 2007 but applies to 2010 as well: to-dos-and-tasks/



  • photoneffect Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The issue being discussed isn't the flagging of emails.  It's the fact that if you make a new task that will show up in the ToDo bar it will NOT be synced to iCloud.  It's created in the detail Outlook folder for Tasks.  If you create a task in the iCloud folder it won't show up in the ToDo bar.  This is because the iCloud integration with Outlook *****.  Get CodeTwo's product and life is great.  Been using it a few days and it's great.

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    For syncing your Windows desktop Outlook tasks to your iDevice: As of Dec 31, 2012 Appigo is discontinuing Appgio sync. You can still use Appigo sync IF you do NOT update your ToDo app on your iDevice. But if you want to sync between Windows desktop Outlook Tasks and your iDevice (in my case iPod Touch), AND keep your iDevice app upto date, then you're SOL. It worked great for me for the last almost 3 years (since getting my first iTouch); to read Appigo's website you'd think that no one could get the appigo sync to work properly! IMHO, just a money grab that has cost them this customer.

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