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    I just sync my iPhone (and iPads) directly with iTunes.  The Outlook sync works for the calendar and contacts but not the notes or tasks.  I'm OK with that.  I'd like the others to work but it's not so important that I'm going to involve the cloud or do all the fiddling around associated with it.  You'd think that Apple could have just finished the job and synced all of the items but they didn't ... and apparently they won't.  It is what it is.  Aside from that the devices work fine.

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    Thanks Greig. When syncing Outloo Tasks to Toodledo using gSyncit are you able to maintain Categories? I had a peek at the app/site and I suspect either folders or contexts is how you do it but I don't see any advice on how to put it together.

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    Can you please elaborate to me what you are using to sync Outlook Tasks to iPhone 5?  I have Outlook 2010 and so far an Apple Advisor has not been able to solve this for me.  I can sync Appointments and Calendar Events but not Tasks, on which I depend frequently on my PC.

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    Gabcan: Yes, gSyncit does very well syncing Outlook Categories with Toodledo. Pocket Informant (on iOS) in turn also does a good job of syncing categories with Toodledo, so I have complete syncing across all devices. I don't use Toodledo directly very much, but it is a good syncing engine for tasks.


    I use Outlook Categories A LOT, mainly to support my use of GTD, so some of my Outlook Categories are Projects, some are Contexts, etc.


    It takes a bit to configure gSyncit to work the way you want because there are a lot of configuration options, but it does work and is very flexible.

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    Tnflaman: See my previous post. I use a combination of gSyncit, Toodledo, and Pocket Informant to sync tasks between iOS and Outlook.


    One of the reasons I do it this way, apart from the fact that I like the products, is that my company syncs our exchange server directly with my iPhone. So, I get my work tasks in the Task app and I get my personal tasks in Pocket Informant (Pocket Informant actually lets me see all fo the tasks together if I want to) which I like for keeping them all separate.


    If you have access to an Exchange Server, that is another option for linking Outlook directly to iOS (tasks , contacts, calendar , and mail. It works very nicely, though you have to accept that the iOS apps do not know anything about categories. That is one big advantage of Pocket Informant.

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    I'm going to trial Toodledo with gSyncit based on Greig's comments. (For the record, I don't have an exchange server). I trialled Remember The Milk with their own MilkSync. It worked fine. My impression is that Remember The Milk is less "featured" than ToodleDo. My thinking is that if you did most of your task management on your phone, you might want the power of ToodleDo. However, it seems to me that most people using Outlook would be doing most of their task management on their PC and only need the phone app to a) have their tasks as carry arounds and b) to add tasks on the fly which will get incorporated into Outlook when synced. In that case Remember the Milk will do the job well. It uses categories and has a variety of views and arguably has a nicer interface. Oddly, it is more expensive than ToodleDo but at least it provides and supports its own syncing software. I found customer support to be excellent.


    I'll do a post after trialling ToodeDo to see if I can compare and contrast it and Remember The Milk.

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    Great. I don't have any experience with Remember the Milk, so cannot offer any help there. If you have questions about gSyncit, Toodledo, or Pocket Informant (if you try that too) during your trial, I am happy to help.



    greig at

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    I'm getting a pretty clear picture that there really is no easy way for me to sync outlook tasks and my iphone? I do not have outlook exchange, the cloud experience seems fairly questionable, anyone have any suggestions?


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    I don't know if I'd characterize them as "easy" but there are straightforward ways to sync Outlook tasks with the iPhone. I've been using Remember The Milk and it works fine. They supply their own sync tool, MilkSync and I'm pretty happy with it. There are a couple of fussy things to deal with. the big one is that recurring tasks sort of kind of works but has to be watched carefully. But I'd recommend it.


    I had a very quick look at ToodleDo using gSyncit. And it seems to work well too. I'd have a look at those two.

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    I can confirm what fritzmom has said. I contacted Appigo too and they said they currently only have about 56 votes to get Appigo Sync back. When I explicitly asked about alternative solutions for local Wi-Fi sync, they said there is none at the moment for the PC. So if you guys, like me, want this feature we paid for back, do get in touch with them and express your request!

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    Here's another iOS/Exchange Task sync solution that doesn't use the Categories per se but can possibly be used the same way.


    Reminders is just a list manager. In the beginning, it creates a list called "Tasks" and through sync settings this default list is the one synched to Exchange to the "Tasks" folder in your primary Mailbox. In Reminders you can also create other lists. For example (for my fellow GTDer's out there), you might create a list named "@Home" for things you want to do when you are at home. In Outlook, this list would then show up as a different folder within "Tasks" (to see it you'll probably have to open your Tasks in the main screen, not just in the Task Bar vew. You can therefore use these folders/lists in a similar way that you might use Outlook Categories.

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    I just can't get reminders to synch with outlook tasks using office for mac.


    I use office for windows running on Vmware fusion and installed the icloud control panel for windows in the windows virtual drive and I use icloud sync on iphone etc.. Everything works and syncs perfectly with no issues.


    Wish I could get this to work with office for mac!!

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    Great News for anyone who is using Appigo's ToDo for iPhone app and wishes to sync with Outlook on their Windows PC (sorry this isn't for the Macs) like we used to be able to.


    Appigo now has a NEW version of Appigo Sync due to complaints following the new version of ToDo where the previous Appigo Sync was lost.


    I have contacted their support and received confirmation that YES ToDo v 6.0.4 and Appigo Sync v 2.2.0 will NOW sync with Windows Outlooks.


    This link 'explains':



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    My primary sync for my iPhone is my Macbook Pro, but also need it to capture all my Outlook info from my work PC (via exchange). 

    I went to Reminders, then pulled up the menu and changed the list from 'reminders' to 'tasks' and my Outlook tasks are fully synced.  Can't sort them by priority but the high priority tasks do have exclamation marks, so it works.

    Using iOS 7.0.4

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    Could you clarify please what you did here.


    You went to reminders - on the ipad presumsbly??


    Bu I cannot find any menu option there.



    Sorry to be thick, but if you could just expand your details more please, then I would be most grageful.



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