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    I've been following tHis thread for sometime nah and have tried almost everything possible. But what I had realize when I tried someone else sim in my phone it worked so I knew it had nothing to do with my phone. So I went ahead and paid for a new SIM card to solved my problem and yet again nothing happened. So as a technical person I am I sat and thought about the situations after realizing that my sim wouldn't activate at all I went to my carrier and told them to check their computer system reference to my number. Nah we getting someplace. It was a batch of old numbers that wasn't functioning the way they wanted them to on the system. Yeah you might have just gotten your number but according to how they have the numbers set up in the system it might not work. The phone company Personel gives me a new number and within less than a minute I was activated. Tried it with my wife phone that was acting the same way and boom it worked for her also. After a long long over worked brain of mine to make it right months in months out I finally got it sorted out.

  • spacbug Level 1 (5 points)



    Well my number worked to activate imessage/facetime about two weeks ago.

    Then I got a replacement iPhone 5 because I had other problems with it and they sent me a new one to  see if that solved that other problem.


    Well when the new phone came I could never again activate imessage/facetime no matter what I try.

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    Moved my sim card from a 3G to a 4S iphone and had the "waiting for activation error" for two days. Here's how mine got fixed (and believe me I tried everything else on this thread and talked to AT&T and Apple). Not sure that one fix works for everyone as so many people have had this issue but here goes:


    - When I called AT&T they switched my data plan from a 3G to a 4 - I'm not sure if that had something to do with it being fixed later but thought I'd mention it.

    - Even though I removed the sim card from my old 3G it was on and still getting imessages so I wiped it clean and did not do setup.

    - After wiping the old phone I did an "erase all content and settings" reset on the new phone (had recently backed up to icloud and itunes on a USB so wasn't afraid of losing anything)

    - When prompted in setup of new phone for number/emails to send/receive imessages, I left them all checked. Originally I had unchecked the email which I don't use but is my apple id password. Not sure that made a difference but I would suggest leaving them all checked as you can remove them in settings later.


    So when I did this reset facetime and imessage were on and working as soon as I had a network and wifi connection. Hope that helps someone else cuz I was on the phone with AT&T and Apple for over an hour and they acted like they never heard of this problem before (yet there is a huge thread on it!)

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    I had this problem with my brand new iphone 5 - waiting for activation on facetime and imessage.

    I tried pretty much everything in this forum and nothing work.

    On my second call to apple I was put through to a supervisor who immediately seemed to know what to do.

    I backed up my iphone to the cloud under setting/icloud/storage and backup

    then I went to "erase all content and setting" under settings/general/reset

    When the iphone came back on I set it up as a new iphone. When I was done the initial setup facetime and imessage were working!!!

    Then I went back to erase all content and settings again

    When it restarted this time I chose restore from icloud backup.

    When that was done my iphone was restored to my prevuious settings, and all my mail, messages, camera roll and itunes purchased songs  etc were there AND imessage and facetime still work


    I still need to plug the phone into itunes to re-sync the rest of my music and photos from iphoto as these are not backed up on the icloud.


    Hope this works for everyone else!!

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    I've my second brand new iphone5 64, got hit by "wifi" can't connect problem with Iphone 5, had to use several days, several phone calls to apple that in the end sent me a new iphone. Wifi worked, but imessage/facetime do not work. Have tried everything in this forum:

    - reset network settings/reset all content

    - restore as new iphone

    - rebooted

    - send sms to the sms center

    - changed location

    - automatically set time zone and manual

    - took out sim card/restore as new iphone

    and the list goes on...

    The weird thing is that my girlfirends white brand new iphone 5 32 works perfect with wifi, imessage and all other things.

    This mess was exactly why I skipped Ericsson and Nokia in the beginning of their era with their pre-smartphones, not tested, felt like a ginny pig as I got replaced my phones 3-4 times and saw my friends with their iphone 3gs works smoothly with ie. navigation.

    I've so many apple products and have been a strong supporter for apple products, my friends have turned into apple products as well, but I'm really really frustrated with this mess on the IOS 6.0, IOS 6.0.1 and might have done my last Apple bying ever.


    Apple do it better pls.

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    Hi, from spain.

    Same problen than you. on my first Iphone5 works good but i had to change it, camera did not work. On the second, does not work facetime nor i message. at the genius bar in the apple store in madrid, no solution at all. the only thing they said it is not a problem of hardware. They tried my sim card in three differents phones. that´s all. No solution.

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    this is the problem im having idk what to do

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    I tried that way but it didn't work

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    Just started having this issue, at first iMessage wouldn't send, then I sent as a regular text.


    Got back home to WiFi, and iMessage says "waiting for activation" but FaceTime doesn't.

  • chaos.rox Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same issue, which just started today.  iMessage says "waiting for activation" but FaceTime does not.

  • freakinout_kyle Level 1 (0 points)

    I starting having this issue today, worked this morning and stopped sometime during the day, on iPhone and iPad 2

  • bregirl96 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just started having this problem today. For a while no one in my household could use iMessage, also my boyfriends wasn't working either. But iMessage on my iPad is working just fine and so is everyone else's but mine now. I have tried everything in this post. But nothin has worked. HELP.

  • atkpitt12 Level 1 (5 points)

    My phone number is greyed out while everything else is active. Can't figure out how to get the phone number to be active again?

  • freakinout_kyle Level 1 (0 points)

    appears to be a significant outage of apple services

  • atkpitt12 Level 1 (5 points)

    my email addresses seem to work for iMessage and Facetime but I can't select my phone number..

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