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Hi, there is an issue we see with the automatic iMessage Contact Detection process:


In Mexico usually people store the 10-digit cell phone numbers with the country code added so we can dial any number regardless of where people make the call.


An example:


If my girlfriend's number is 55 1234 5678. Usually it would be stored as +5255 1234 5678.


The issue is that for mobile phones, calls from outside Mexico must add a number one (1) after the country code.


This is why many people store the numbers with +521 prepending, in this example it would be stored as +52155 1234 5678. So we can use the same contact even if we are abroad.


In this case, iMessage cannot identify that a contact has iMessage (the contact remains green).


I need to manually enter +5255 1234 5678 to have iMessage identify that my girlfriend has iMessage too !! (to have the contact change to blue), natively with the number 1 after the country code it does not trigger the detection.


It would be nice if it just matched the last digits to do so, in this way, it does not matter if you store the number without area code, with area code or with country code... this is how Whatsapp, Viber and other apps do it.


I hope you can fix this so many people can switch seamlessly from Whatsapp to iMessage.


I am sure this also happens in other countries too.



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    I have the same problem with people from El Salvador. I certainly hope someone from Apple fixes this. This is one of the advantages of using a PIN number with international numbers.

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    Does anyone knows the answer?

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    charlygon wrote:


    I have the same problem with people from El Salvador. I certainly hope someone from Apple fixes this. This is one of the advantages of using a PIN number with international numbers.


    So, it's not only a problem in Mexico.

    And here I was beginning to wonder, who in their right mind thought that would be a great idea prepend the 1 before the area code when calling from outside the country.


    So anyway, this problem goes even deeper than what you guys describe.

    Because you have / can only add the one when calling from outside the country. In other words when you try to call a mexican cell phone from withing Mexico you cannot store the number as +52 1 (614) xxx-xxxx as you would normally do and then call that, like it works in any other sane country.

    Because calling from within you have to omit the 1.

    SMS need to be send to the number without the 1, even from outside Mexico, otherwise they don't work. WhatsApp and iMsg only add to the mess, since it seems that some people register their cell# with whattsapp with the 1 added, others without. Believe me I, I registered multiple cells with Whattsapp in Mex. and since SMS sending does not seem to work from the US whattsapp account in any case, you have to get a call and there is no clear indication as to whether you're supposed to prepend the 1 or not. It seems to work regardless.


    In other words, you need to store both numbers for every contact you have.

    Which is why by now, I have almost all our contacts with 2 numbers listed, mobile without the 1, and 'mobile MX' with the 1 prepended.


    Has anyone filed a bug report with Apple for that? Since that problem seems to exist in more than one country that would be the best route to go.

    They have to build something very deeply into the contact system that recognizes when it's a number from any of those countries and automaticlly prepend the 1 when dialing, but leave it out when any other app asks for it.

    I'm willing to look into building a cydia tweak for it for my own mental well-being since this is driving me crazy, but that doesn't help a lot of people...

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    It actually seems that WhattsApp has fixed their number detection process so that it disregards the 1.

    Contacts in my address book now show up with both numbers

    At least, that's a small win. Not sure about iMsg, though.