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Entire iOS5 upgrade for my iPad2 took grand total of 19 minutes with no errors (not including download time). Everyone feel free to add more tips to help others out.


-- Download the big update file first instead of doing everything all at once. In itunes, go to Help, Check Updates, Download Only.


-- Delete all movies/videos first as they take up the most space during the backup/restore process. You can always copy them back later.


-- Make sure the usb cable is literally connected to the BACK of your computer, and not some extended hub/panel/monitor.

iPhone 3G, iPad 2, Windows 7
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    Glad to hear you had no problems! I on the other hand;

    -Updated my computer(twice, what's up with that?)

    -Cleared everything off my iPad after syncing & back-up

    -Only downloaded iOS 5

    -plugged in directly to the back of my iMac

    -Reset everything

    -Updated iTunes

    -Restarted my computer at least 3 times

    Not necessarily in that order, still getting an error with no code. The only thing I haven't done is the restore to factory, which I will be doing tonight.

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    Hello All,


    I gaze  in wonderment once more at the Apple-mania which has gripped the Apple-world once more!  Did nobody learn from their Lion experience?


    My 'top tip' for ensuring a frustration free iOS 5 download experience is to forget it for now. 


    Allow the 'sheep' to clog up the Apple servers for a week or so before enjoying a fuss free download experience. 


    In the intervening days ensure that all those elements on your system which make up the iOS 5 package are running with the latest updates, i.e. Lion, iTunes, iPhoto, etc.


    Now chill out, allow Apple to sort out the iOS 5 bugs and the servers to cool down, good luck!

  • rimshaker Level 3 Level 3 (515 points)

    -- Manually backup and sync before updating.

  • rimshaker Level 3 Level 3 (515 points)

    -- Temporarily disable any third party firewalls and antivirus programs. Microsoft Security Essentials works fine.

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    The key problem I had during my iOS 5 update was in fact the firewall.

    I kept getting the errors 3200 and 3014.

    My computer is hiding behind three firewalls, and once I had turned them off, the iOS 5 update worked just fine.

    Apple needs to access the ports 80 and 443 during the update, but these ports are usually closed by most firewalls.