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How come when I try to use the AirPort Utility app with my recently updated iOS 5 iPhone I keep getting a message that reads, "No AirPort stations have been found.  AirPort Utility will continue searching."?  It's been searching for an hour and it's sitting right next to my modem and Macbook Pro.  I don't understand why it can't find a station.  Help.

iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.6.7), iOS 5
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    AirPort Utility is only for configuring Apple 802.11n-capable AirPort Extremes, AirPort Expresses, and Time Capsules. If your "modem" is an ISP-provided broadband modem with built-in Wi-Fi access point features, then it's not an Apple product and it's not something the AirPort Utility can configure.


    If you have an older 802.11g AirPort Extreme (UFO/gumdrop/Hersey'sKiss-shaped), or an older 802.11g AirPort Express, or, for that matter, an old 802.11b AirPort Base Station (UFO shaped "graphite" grey or "snow" white) be aware that AirPort Utility for iOS does not support configuring those older models either.