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any idea? I'm trying to remove blackberry device manager from login item but the its checked and greyed out.

  • ds store Level 7 (30,325 points)

    Run the BB installer to use the uninstaller.

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    Tried that it didnt work.

  • ds store Level 7 (30,325 points)

    Backup your files to a external data drive and disconnect


    Reboot the computer holding the Shift key down to enter Safe mode, the third party kernel extensions will be disabled.


    Try the BB uninstaller again and/or


    Look in your System/Library/Extensions folder for anything that has the "Blackberry" or "RIM" name in the extension (with .kext at the end of the file) and move it out of the folder.


    You may have to consult their web site for a manual uninstall method. Kext stands for Kernel extension obviously.


    the free Easy Find can help you locate the files in that folder.



    You also can Command r boot into Lion Recovery and install Lion with the


    Restoring OS X 10.5 10.6. 10.7 - simple overwrite OS method




    That should kick anything out of OS X itself, then it's just a matter of removing anything in the Applicaitons folder.


    If there are remnants still in your user, you can always create a new user and transfer your personal data via the root level/Users/ "shared" folder, once up, then remove the old user.

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    Thanks. i just had to unlock the system preference then i was able to remove it.

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    It had me fooled too. Thanks!

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    Thanks for this - had the same problem for ages, who knew it was so simple? (you).