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Okay, here's the issue:

I have MacBook Pro early 2k8 now running 10.7.2

iPad 2 and Iphone 4 both running IOS5.


Setup iCloud access via iPhone 4 (first device to be upgraded).


Can log in to with both my apple ID or the .me address I had to setup as part of the sign up process. - both are showing verified at


However, whilst Conacts, Calendar, Find my iPhone and iWork all work fine, i cannot for the life of me, get email working.

On my IOS devices I get an error - Cannot get mail - The user name of password for "iCloud" is incorrect.

And on iCloud i get a pop up which says - Cannot Load Mail - and then it gives me options for Reload, Report to Apple or Close mail.


I've tried changing the password at appleid and on my devices. No change.


I do note that in system prefs on the macbook - when I select mail for iCloud and in mail prefs, it shows as starting - then the checkbox appears, however if I leave system prefs and return to it, the check box is unchecked. ???


Any help greatly appreciated!!!

MBP Early 2008, Mac OS X (10.7.1), Lion 10.7.2
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