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    Here's an interesting tidbit...not sure if it will help anyone.


    I transitioned to iOS5 and icloud last night.  I'm having the same issues all of you are having.  EXCEPT...I didn't update my iPad2 to iOS5 yet and it is receiving my mobile me mail just fine.


    I don't think this means that my email hasn't been transitioned, i'm pretty sure it has.  However, I find it interesting that my non-iOS5 device is still working just fine.


    That device is actually how i'm getting email notifications regarding this thread.  Again, not sure if that helps anyone, but I thought i'd post just in case it does help any of you who are desperate to get your email.  I'm hoping that this is resolved asap because I just want to move on with my day at this point.

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    Screen Shot 2011-10-13 at 11.39.24 PM.jpg  T

    This what i see.

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    This workaround worked for me.

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    That's because your non iOS5 device is still using the MobileME settings, not the iCloud settings. Which is why the workaround of adding the MobileME settings as a separate account work.

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    I know you were not responding to me, but the workaround of adding a generic imap account works even though I have all my devices in ios 5 GM, 10.7.2 on iMac, and completed the online migration to iCloud.

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    Ok, here is my theroy.   In looking at the settings on the iPhone & iPad under mail/account/advance/outgoing mail server/primary server/


    The Server is on (cannot turn it off)


    but under Authentication it is set for Apple Token.


    So for a work around until apple comes up with a fix,


    I did the following:


    under mail


    Add Account: (other)



    Add Mail Account


    Name (Your Name)

    address (account

    Password (iCloud Password)



    Incoming Mail Server

    Host Name:

    address (account

    Password (iCloud Password)


    Outgiong Mail Server


    address (account

    Password (iCloud Password)


    After your done filling out the information hit the next button & it will start to verify.  It my verify sucessfuly or come back & say it was unable to verify.  if the latter, then just hit continue.


    Hit the save button & you now have access to your mail.


    It worked for me.


    Home it works for you

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    To finish my thought on the theroy, the iPad & iPhone are trying to authenticate using the Apple Token instead of id & passowrd.  So because you cannot turn off the server & change the Authentication Type, I came up with this temp work around to get my mail.



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    I as well am having the iCloud mail issue. Can get it from any of my IOS devices and the iCloud website throws an error when I try to go into mail.


    I did try the work around as stated above and that fails for me as well. I get the same "apple ID or password not correct" error. Seems like this is a major bug on Apple's server side. I just hope they can get this resolved very quickly as I use my account for business and now I have no way to access it from any of my IOS devices.


    Yeah, I know I probably should of held back on device from upgrading, it was just easier to do it all at once.

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    Is there a Status page for iCloud like we had for Mobileme? That may tell us if Apple is having problems.

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    Thanks for this mft4u2008. This took care of the problem for me as well. I just added it to one device until Apple fixes the mail/server iCloud issue, and then I can delete this mail account later. Perfect!!

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    Glad it worked for you.  I've done it to all my devices as well as on my Macs so I can get access to my mail.



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    I can now get to my mail via the web at Still nothing on my Macs or my iOS devices.

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    I too am having the same problems.


    I can (as of just about 10 mins ago) now get my Mail in my browser.


    Still not on my Mac.


    I also had a problem with my iPad.  When I went to iCloud Settings on the iPad, and attempted to put my username and password in, it said 'User name or password not recognised' (or something similar).  And then Settings hung and I had to quit/'minus' it from the bar at the bottom.  But since my browser can see my Mail, my iPad is now getting my Mail and also on iCloud too.


    But I am still getting the same error message on my Mac, which is:


    "The iCloud IMAP server “” rejected the password for user “[my ID]"

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    I can get mail on my iPhone but not on my Mac. Go figure...haha