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Okay here goes ...


I appreciate that half the world and their sons and daughters etc were downloading the new iOS 5 almost immediately it was released. 


I eventually, after 5 hours (that might be quick compared to some others) managed to get it to update my iPh4.  However, the backups were corrupted (according to iTunes) and therefore, I was left with a totally new phone content.  No contacts, nothing!!


I have tried to restore again, for the millionth time (slight exaggeration but ..) and it sticks at around 2 mins left remaining.


Also, I'm confused regarding this iCloud email thing.  I have set up a mobileme email (@me.com) and that is the ONLY email that pops up in my notification centre because, I assume, it's push enabled.  My Gmail only gives me the option for fetch or manual.  What is this iCloud email?  Where's the User Guide for iOS 5?


Moreover, I have iMessage working - good - saves on my subscription.  Reminders is excellent and comes up in the notification centre and I like the new look Calendar.  Not much on photo editing, though, is there?  Very basic but I guess you only get what you actually PAY for these days!


Camera: where is the ability to use your camera from the lock screen and use the volume button to take a photo?  Or has this been enabled for the 4S only?  I thought this feature was available with iOS5?


And, we are meant to sync wirelessly?  Well, why then do we still need to keep our iPh plugged in?  Doesn't make sense!


Overall, a relatively disappointing update - yes, some of the features are quite nice so thanks Apple.  However, I'm glad I didn't hold my breath, waiting, for too long, as I would now be dead! 


And, now, I want all my iPhone content replaced.  I guess Apple will be inundated with problems so they'll probably take a little longer to get back to me (significantly longer than the current week's response!!)  It's just not acceptable.


Welcome comments, responses blah de blah!

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    I agree with you I have had suimilar issues and am trying hard to figure it all out! I can't help on everything but i have found out that in order to use your camera from teh start screeen you double tap the home button and teh camera icon appears. Hope this helps a little bit.

    maybe you could help me with the imessage i send an imessage and it goes to the email address and not the phone.

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    ... okay and thanks to another user on here, I've managed to get everything back on my iPhone!


    Now then, iMessage:  Follow these steps:


    Settings --- messages --- (make sure iMessage is ON) --- Receive at: (click that one) and you'll see it says a phone (with your number) and Email (with your email).  Select the "phone one" okay.  then Caller ID: make sure it's set to your mobile number (with international dialing code) and not the email addy.


    Hope this helps - it's what I did cos I was sending to the email addresses too!


    Let me know if it works

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    hmmm I can't seam to select my phone number its greyed out and also the remove email address is greyed out not allowing me to select either... any ideas?

    Great news about everything getting back on track on your phone! UI guess users are the new apple support LOL

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    okay run this by me again.


    So, when you send an iMessage, it goes to an email address?


    Okay, in your contacts, make sure that the mobile number is the primary contact.


    Try this first.  Pick a contact who you know has iMessage.  Delete their email address out of the contact (make a note of it, so you can put it back in after).


    Then, send an iMessage, see if it goes to their number.


    Let me know okay.

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    nope no go... sadly its screwing up big time LOL

    I will have to wait till another friend of mine installs it and test it that way again but thanks so much for your help anyways!

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    ... okay no problems sorry I couldn't help more...


    Just one last thing: you are sending to someone who actually HAS updated and does have iMessage, yeah?  Becuase it will default to a standard text otherwise and maybe send to an email.


    Just an afterthought.