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I'm having some trouble with the Reminders app in iOS 5. In iCal on my mac with OS X Lion I set some reminders with a due date. All these reminders sync well, but there are 2 issues in the app itself:

1. I can't sort the list of reminders by due date.. is this even possible?

2. When i add a reminder on my ipod touch, there's no option to add a due date.. what's going on here?


thanks in advance!



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    I have the same question. When I add a reminder from iCal, I can add a due date and then it will show that field in Reminders on my iOS device, but if I make a new item from my iOS device, that field is not available. I guess you could just create an item on a certain date in the calendar view mode, but then how would you change the date later if you needed to?


    I guess you could just use the "Remind Me" function as the due date, but then that forces you to have an alert and you can't have it remind you on a day other than the day it's due (like having it remind you the day before it's due, for example).

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    I have the same problem.  I can add a reminder in iCal with a due date but when I add a reminder on my iPad 2 or iPhone 4, due date is not an option, its missing.  When it's created in iCal, the due date option shows up on my iPad and iPhone.  Very frustrating.  The worst is before i created custom lists, due date was an option. 

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    B. Tim, I can answer the second question at least. To set a due date on your iPad reminders, change the option at the top from List to Date. Then type your reminder. You must have "Remind" set to "On Date". If you change it to "Never," it wont' accept a date (that's one feature I could do with out - love the date, hate the nag). Do, this, and you will have a due date on your reminders.

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    Hi Camping Doc! Thanks for the help. I understand what you mean, also I think you can get the same result by adding a "Remind" to reminders created from within the list view. One thing, what do you mean by setting the "Remind" to "On Date"? On my device it says "On a Day" and then you can choose a date and an hour, but I think that's the same thing you are talking about?


    Also, my question was not clear enough, so I meant that I wanted to set a Due date without an alarm or anything.. Because when you set a Due date in iCal and then sync and look for that reminder on your iOS device, there's a new option showing "Due" and it's that option I can't seem to find for reminders created on the iOS device. The "Due" option is like the "Remind" option, but without the alarm..

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    Yes, I meant "On a Day". I'm not yet familiar enough with reminders that I can use the exact language - close is about as good as I get at times. :)


    As to your clarification, at least for now, there does not seem to be a way to ste a due date without also setting a notification (alarm). I don't like that and have already sent Apple feedback to that effect. For now, I put up with it since for the first time I can create and use reminders on my iPad that sync with my iCal calendar. Reminders seems to be a work in progress, but it is, IMHO, usable.

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    I haven't had an issue with due dates not showing up, I've been syncing through the cloud, but I have noticed that reminders are ordered by the entry date and not the due date, on my iPhone that is.  iCal has them ordered by the due date which I find extremely useful.  It seems almost pointeless to have them ordered by when they are entered on my phone, however.  Has anyone figured out how to change this on the phone?  Is it even possible?

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    I, too, am having frustrating issues with my reminders.  It's a clumsy application.  I am a person that lives by my "to do" list.  I don't necessarily need a "reminder" but I do need a To Do list & I have to be able to repeatedly change the due date on my tasks.  For example "Take vitamins" (daily).  Or sometimes I just don't get to something that day and move it to the next day.  On my MacBook in iCal I have no trouble setting them up and moving them around.  But creating them on the iPhone is annoying - you can't get to "due date" easily & also there is something really strange where the iCal reminders doesn't require to pick a "time" it's due, just a day it's due & then the reminder . . . but on the phone it makes you pick a time.  Gargh!  I had a To Do list task that I was pretty happy with.  But I switched over to this so that I could integrate with Siri.  I hope they fix this soon so that it is more user friendly.

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    I've mucked about with this too. I don't have a fix but I have found if I edit my entry on my laptop (i'm using MS Outlook on PC not a Mac - dodgy I know) and untick the "reminder" checkbox, when my iPad & iPhone sync to iCloud both "Due" and the "Remind Me" fields appear. Deleting the Reminder on the laptop seems to force the mobile devices to have to resort to including the "due" field.


    Hope this helps some until Apple sort it out. It really is quite disappointing to think that the creativeness that is all things Apple doesn't stretch to a simple Reminders tool.

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    Please, please, please, report the issue that both alarms and due dates at the same time are not possible as a bug here:http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html. The more people who submit it, the more likely apple will listen.