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I installed the new OS 5 for my iPad2 and I see there is now an icon called Newstand.  My New York Times App was placed inside it.  Now I have to click on two things to get the paper opened.  I know it is not the end of the world, but anyone know how to get the NY Times App out of Newstand?  Everything I try fails.

iPad, iOS 4, iOS 5 but the option is not showing
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    Unfortunately you cannot.


    You also can't move Newsstand into a folder or remove it.


    New API calls moved it there.  Newspapers/Magazines are updating their apps to make use of Apple's new Newsstand API features.


    On the plus side, Newsstand is both a folder and active application.  It should update the cover page, app icon, for each of those new 'Newsstand' apps.

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    Thanx, though bummer.

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    Told NY Times I was canceling their subscription if they don't restore my independent NY Times application.  I get the app  as part of my $1,000  a year subscription to paper version of NY Times so that's a $1,000 a year and a lost paper subscriber if they don't restore the app.


    If that doesn't get their attention, they deserve to go out of business.


    Bad functionality by Apple.  Extra clicks to use app.  Loss of screen real estate having  two "news" folders for news apps.  Kind of pointless arrogance that is the dark side of Apple.  Loser will be be NY Times in this case.


    Idea is that Newstand is "active" and "updates the cover page" of the microscopic icon inside the folder icon is pointless technlogy with no gain in functionality.

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    Blaming the NYTimes for this seems like misplaced anger - but one should definitely try to exercise leverage to change this design flaw in any way possible. I agree more with the latter sentiment that it's arrogance on Apple's part to decide that Newstand is "more convenient' for you. The fact that one can't remove Newstand, place it inside a folder, or remove applications from within it is unnecessarily frustrating.

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    NY Times chose to make itself hard to use on the iPhone.  NY Times is charging money for content.  NY Times loses a customer.  Loses one its most valuable assests, a hard copy subscription customer.  Hard copy paying subscribers are the basis for NY Times advertising revenue.  It not only loses my $1,000 a year subscription but loses points on the rates it charges advertisers.  And NY Times (and all papers) are losing paying subscribers.


    My guess is that NY Times, by agreeing to put its access inside Apple's "Newstand" application, hopes to gain digital customers.  It's choice was to aggressively market its digital content subscriptions by itself or hope that being a very small speck on Apple's content marketing produced more customers for the Times digital content.


    Problem in being dependent on Apple is NY Times loses control.  Plus Apple will take the highest bidder for all important placement on the Newstand and NY Times will get outbid by other media.


    Washington Post, Wall St Journal are not trapped in the "Newstand" so Apple no doubt offers an incentive to content providers, good for Apple, bad for the content provider.  Hard to see what promotional or sales value "Newstand" provides while burying the company's product on the devices and in the online store.

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    You can move newsstand into a folder....but once you do you use functionality of it.



    get 3 icons. Any two plus  newsstand. Position them beside each other on the screen. Drag the other two together to initiate the 'make folder' action. Once the folder is made, quickly grab the newsstand one and drag it into the folder. You have to do it quickly and during the 'name this folder' action. You can leave them in the folder, or drag out the ones you dont' want folderized and leave newsstand in the folder. I have mine in a folder with facetime, imessage, game center and other stuff I don't use.


    Since newsstand is a folder, it will not work inside a folder. It'll crash if you try to open it.


    I have no idea what will happen with your subs. I don't know if they'll default back to a standalone app if newsstand isn't available or if they simply will not download because they can't 'see' where to go.

    I won't go into my whole diatribe about it. I don't like it, don't want it and don't care for being 'told' how i'm to read content.

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    Seems like a draconian step to cancel a subscription to something you use just because you have to make one extra click to access it ... I'm not a big fan of the Newstand app either, but am managing to still enjoy my subscription and my iPad despite the extra tap.:-)

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    "Draconian" would apply more to NYT/Apple forcing users to obey Apple rules on something as small as how users organize the apps on their devices.


    As for "one extra click", Google's empire is built on avoiding the "one exra click" as it is literally the gold standard on who survives who dies in the online marketplace.


    NYTimes choice of going with Apple, burying their content MULTIPLE clicks deep is a proven bad strategy.


    Instead of NY Times being on top on my device, they are buried on page two and then buried further, invisible inside an Apple app, Newstand, that I don't use.  Even if a user put Newstand on their main page, NY Times is shrunk to invisibility and buried among competitors for a users limited time.


    Washington Post took over NY Times position on my device. 

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    Menel wrote:


    On the plus side, Newsstand is both a folder and active application.  It should update the cover page, app icon, for each of those new 'Newsstand' apps.


    Interestingly, with a daily newspaper like NY Times, that Newstand API doesn't seem to work.  My canceled subscription runs until the end of the month. In the entire time the unused NY Times icon has been buried inside Newstand and banished to the fifth page of aps on my iPhone, it has never shown the red notification of "Update".


    So even that annoying bug, considered a feature by NY Times and Apple, doesn't work for NY Times.

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    Two clicks deep (vs one) is not, in my opinion, 'multiple clicks deep". I also have the Washington Post app - I rarely read it because the content of it is not as deep as the NYT, the articles are not as well-written. I'm willing to take the time to do "one extra click" to read a much better newspaper.

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    I found it did at first... but I haven't seen the update icon (or opened the app to find today's articles) in at least two weeks. A minor annoyance, since I do check it every day (vs a monthly magazine like National Geographic, where I'm glad to get the notification that the new isues is out), but would be nice to have it open to today's news.