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Please help!  When itunes ask's if I want to set up as new phone or restore from a backup after the update I select my backup (which was created right before I updated) and it estimates about 35 minutes but when it gets down to about 14-15 minutes I keep getting the same error: iTunes could not restore the iPhone "Charlie's iPhone" because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPhone that is being restored.


Is anybody else getting the same message? the only thing im really bothered about are my photos and videos.

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    Same here ! I am so ****** and i have seen many people with the same problem. Someone recommended this but it did not work for me, you might as well try it, good luck:


    1. Configured iTunes to not automatically sync or start when the phone is connected.
    2. Closed iTunes and disconnected the phone. I also checked the Windows Task Manager to ensure that iTunes was fully stopped.
    3. Connected the phone back to the USB and manually started iTunes
    4. From the Devices menu, I selected Restore and then picked the most current backup file and started the restore manually.
    5. All of the data within each of my applications is now back to where it should be and the phone is fully restored.
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    I am having the same problem and nothing seems to work.  I'm wondering if downgrading to iOS 4x would take things back to normal.  Does anyone know if that would help and if so how to do it?

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    I have to say that a lot of poeple are getting this problem and well im one of them... I have been searching the net and nothing useful. i too am ****** that the fact that i will not get my contacts, vids, pics ect back.

    when i find something i will post it.

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    I was able to solve this problem and get all my info back by downgrading my iOS from 5 to 4x and then doing a restore from backup and then a sync.  Obviously if your primary goal is to upgrade to iOS 5 this is not a good solution for you but my primary concern was getting my stuff back.  I'll upgrade later after the kinks in the process have been worked out.  Don't know if this will work for everyone but here is what I did:


    Problem:  iPad won't restore from backup after upgrading to iOS 5.0



    • Approximately half-way through the restore from back up the restore fails and gives the message "iTunes could not restore the iPad "Xxxx iPad" because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPad that is being restored"
    • After clicking OK on the above error message I received another message that said something like the retsore was interrupted do you want to Cancel, Retry, or something else?  When I selected Retry the restore failed immediately and I would get a -50 error message.




    1. Follow the procedure for downgrading your iOS in this YouTube link (additional info noted in sub points below) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxtWi2zb3Ck
      • Note1:  I recommend downloading the firmware prior to putting your device into dfu mode
      • Note2:  If you type the link to the firmware in the address field instead of clicking on the link in the YouTube video you must use the exact upper and lower case shown in the link or it will not take you to the firmware page.
      • Note3:  After you select the iOS you want to download you will get a dialoge box that asks if you want to Open or Save the file.  IMPORTANT INFO -- You want to Save the file and note where you are saving it as you need to access this later.  Also note that by default (at least for me using IE 8) the file is being saved as a Zip file.  iTunes will not recognize the Zip file so at this point you need to add ".ipsw" to the end of the filename.  Saving the file with the default Zip filename extension and renaming it later did not work for me.
      • Note4:  If you're using a Windows OS once you put your device into dfu mode you want to Shift-Click on Restore in iTunes
    2. After you have successfully downgraded your iOS you need to perform a Restore from Backup.
      • Note1:  After following the procedure above my restore from backup got all the way to the very end and gave me a Restore could not be completed error message (Arghh!) However, after clicking OK to the error message I got another dialogue box that said I'm using an old version of iOS and asked if I wanted to upgrade to iOS 5? (hahaha) to which I replied no thanks.
    3. At this point your content is back on your device and you just need to perform a sync to get your Apps and other stuff back on the device.  The frustrating part for me was that my Apps were no longer organized the way I had them setup originally so I needed to reorganize them before performing the sync.  Additionally four Apps (Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and AccuWeather) were not installed because it said they require a newer version of the iPad software.  Not sure why that happened since I'm using the same version of the software I was using at the start of all of this.


    My apologies for the odd numbering but the system did that.  There are three main bullets in the solution.  The Notes beneath them are supposed to be sub-bullets and not numbered.


    Hope this was helpful.

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    Me too , I still facing the same problem & the same message

    all of my data (contact, photos, videos) gone with wind,,,

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    I'm having the same problem, but when i try to restore ios 4.3.5 i only get the error message "this device isn't eligible for the requested build". As my backup is encrypted, I need to get it on my iphone to get my pictures and some other data out of there. Has anyone seen this error and know what to do with it? I've tried editing the hosts file in etc/hosts to the current apple ip adress, but the error doesn't go away.


    I'm on both a mac pro 10.7.1 and itunes 10.4.1 and on a macbook air with the newest mac os and itunes 10.5. Same error on both of them. My iphone is an iphone 4.

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    When I tried to restore the backup performed on iOS 5.0 to iOS 5.0.1 I had the error "iTunes could not restore the iPhone "xxxx's iPhone" because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPhone that is being restored".

    I was able to see the list of available backups in iTunes when I "right click" on my device name on the navigation window of iTunes and choose "Restore from Backup...". But when I try to restore the backup, I encountred abote problem.

    After spending hours researching and following various threats, finally I managed to restore my backup.

    Using below steps, I managed to restore:

    • Launch iTunes, Connect the iPhone to the PC and ensure the device is detected.
    • See the list of available backups in iTunes when I "right click" on my device name on the navigation window of iTunes and choose "Restore from Backup...". Ensure the backup you want to restore is listed. But do not proceed to restore. This step is to ensure your backup is available.
    • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the screen goes blank.
    • Continue to hold the Home button, but release the Power button.
    • Hold the home button until the message "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovry mode. You must restart this iPhone to before it can be used with iTunes" pops up in iTunes.
    • Click on restore button which restores the basic OS. Since you have the previously downloaded iOS on your PC, it restores the last version you had.
    • Then "right click" on my device name on the navigation window of iTunes and choose "Restore from Backup..." and choose your backup.
    • This restore the backup without the above error.


    During the above process, your device may reboot few times. This is normal.


    Hope this helps!