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Paul Lovell2 Level 1 (40 points)


Has anyone here setup using two iCloud accounts (for two different users) on one Mac etc yet? I want to know how it works.



- I have my iPhone, and I sync my calender from iCal to iCloud and my contacts to iCloud (Safari on my Mac and my iPhone with iOS5)

- My girlfriend will be using iOS5 on her iPhone, and sharing my calender (which I will share from my iCloud) and syncing her contacts to her own iCloud (She uses Firefox)

- We currently use the same address book, but with groups setup for my contacts and her contacts. After getting iCloud setup on my iPhone last night, I now have her contacts on my phone too, but I just view me group (which works fine).



My question is will there be any syncing issues when she connects her iPhone up (it's not on iOS5 just yet) and iTunes starts to look and sync at  Lion (with iCloud update) address book?


Sorry this is a little confusing, basically, will this work between one mac, two iphones and two iClouds? We don't want to lose our contacts, but we do want to seperate iCloud accounts.



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