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  • ramone12781 Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah this blows whats going on Apple and Yahoo!? Mine has not been pushing for a few days now since i noticed it may have been going on a little longer not sure.

  • Morac Level 1 Level 1

    Yahoo finally got back to me with something other than a link to an out of date support article, saying they reproduced the problem and engineering is working on it and to give them 3 to 7 days.


    That's disturbing either way I look at it.  If the support person is telling the truth, that means s/he added my Yahoo account the his/her iPhone.  If the support person is lying, well then s/he is lying. 


    Any way the response came back on December 26th and it's now the 31st.  That's 5 days.  I'd give them extra days because of the holidays, the problem started on December 19th.  That's 12 days ago.  I subscribe to the Yahoo Mail premium and that is really unacceptable. 


    For what it's worth the last time I had a problem sent to engineering it took several months to fix and that was a really bad problem (mail moved to folders on my iPhone would disappear).  They did restore all the lost emails, but it took a long time.



    As I mentioned before, this is only affecting my one account.  A dummy account I created still pushes.  Also Yahoo's iOS app pushes (for the most part).  For now I'm using a combination of Yahoo's app and forwarding email to an iCloud email address.  For what it's worth the Gmail app is pretty good (much better than Yahoo's app).

  • IrmaNici Level 1 Level 1

    I used to have the same problem -- my Yahoo! Mail will not push properly to my iPad nor iPhone. I posted my experience and my communication with Yahoo! here for months in this thread. After more than 6 months, my problem was solved.


    I am a software architect and developer. I believe there is nothing you can do to really resolve it yourself. All you have to do is keep hassling Yahoo!, giving them bad feedbacks when they ask you to rate their support. I kept doing that for many, many times. When they said their engineers are working hard on a fix, I will reply in every two weeks stressing that the problem persists. Just keep on ******** them! Eventually, they had enough of me and will no longer ask me to rate.


    Now my Yahoo! Mail is pushing as it should. Be persistent. Best of luck!

  • nolibab Level 1 Level 1

    It will work for some time but eventually it will fail again. I had this problem on and off for 2 years now. I decided to switch to another email service. It wasn't easy and make the change everywhere was painfull but hey, not my push owrks fine EVERY TIME ALL THE TIME. I've been with yahoo for like 15 years and I decided to quit it.

  • Jdmsrv09 Level 1 Level 1

    I've been having the same issue for over a week and have tried everything. Yahoo! Won't push on either my iPhone or iPad. What's odd is that it DID push on my finances iPhone.  This is what has prompted me to try everything on my devices to see if I did something wrong. Complete waste of time. I also have another Yahoo account that isn't used as much and is working perfectly.   I'm at a loss. I'm going to hope that others stating "Yahoo! Is aware and working on a fix" are right.   If anyone has any advice or tips please let me know!

  • IrmaNici Level 1 Level 1

    File your complaint and let them work on your account. They probably need to move your account to a newer server or who knows what.


    Yahoo is aware of the problem for YEARS! There is nothing you can do to fix it for good. If you do not complain to them, your problem will not be resolved.

  • Jdmsrv09 Level 1 Level 1

    I appreciate the advice irmaNici!  I actually emailed yahoo on Thursday to make them aware of the issue and to see if they could help, and I was really surprised they got right back to me with,


    "I've performed some maintenance on the server side of your account which should resolve the problem. In order to make sure these changes take effect, please remove your Yahoo! account from your phone, turn the phone off and back on, and then re-add your Yahoo! account."


    No results after doing as he said.  I've contacted them again but haven't received a response.  I'm thinking you're probably right about having to really get on them after the holiday. I'll do my best.

  • IrmaNici Level 1 Level 1

    That's what they asked me to do as well about a year ago!


    I will reply them saying the problem persisted. Then they got back asking me to wait while their engineers working hard on a fix. I will be prompted to rate the support experience. Most of the time, it will not be fixed and I will continue hassling them on and on for months!

  • Jdmsrv09 Level 1 Level 1

    Boy.. Sounds like I have my work cut out for me.  Too bad too because I would bail much sooner on Yahoo if it was easier. Unfortunately I'm more likely to try and fix this account because I've used it for so long.

  • Karennan Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem.  About a year or so ago I had this problem for weeks.  Yahoo finally sent me the same message about doing some maintenance on the server side of my account.  I think that is a standard reply of theirs, especially for those of us who have premium accounts who they feel they have some responsibility to, whether they have a fix or not. It finally got resolved, I think for all of us. and then it broke again a few weeks ago. And it probably broke for all of us.


    My advice is to change your settings so that Yahoo mail "fetches" instead of "pushes".  And set you fetch time to 15 minutes.  You will then get your mail at least every 15 minutes which is better than only getting it manually, which is what you need to do if it isn't pushing.  Do that for a few weeks until this gets resolved which it will eventually.  It is much less frustrating.  I did it today and it is working fine.  Fetch is how Gmail works so it is not that much of a downgrade.


    And Happy New Year everybody.

  • Snaked Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same darn problem. Thanks for the tip on setting Yahoo to fetch, I'm going to do that.

  • Morac Level 1 Level 1

    I'd switch to fetch, if not for 2 downsides:


    1. Fetch is more of a battery drain than push for people who don't get a lot of email since rather than checking a few times a day, iOS needs to check every 15 minutes.
    2. There's no way of telling when the problem is fixed.



    Personally, I'm forwarding email from Yahoo Mail since I have a Premium account.  They added a "Forward and leave unread" option recently that does exactly that.  The only downside is that forwarding, forwards everything, including stuff in the spam folder.   As such I forward it to GMail which has better spam filters than Yahoo! anyway.  I then set up a filter on GMail to forward to iCloud so I get a push notification.  A very convoluted method to say the least, but it works.


    Another option is to install the Yahoo Mail iOS app from Yahoo.  Push is still working in that app, despite not working with Apple's Mail app.  The app is pretty bad, but at least it let's you know when you have new mail.

  • Morac Level 1 Level 1

    I sent another email to Yahoo as push still wasn't working a week after Yahoo said they were working on it.  I got a response a few hours later sating that they were still working on it.  About 5 hours later push started working on my iPad, but my iPhone still wasn't pushing.  On a whim, I removed my account from my iPhone, restarted and added it back and push started working on my iPhone as well. 


    Things were working when I went to sleep, though my iPhone's battery had drained completely so it had shut off.  In the morning emails had pushed to my iPad, but not my iPhone.   Mail wouldn't push to my iPhone, even after removing and re-adding my account, so I'm back to where I was shortly after the problem started.   For reasons I can't determine, push just won't stay working on my iPhone.  I have the new Yahoo Mail app installed on it, I wonder if that's related.

  • IrmaNici Level 1 Level 1

    They always say they are working on it. Is a lie! They knew the problem is there but they have yet to fix it!


    There is nothing you can do to resolve this, apart from using another provider as a proxy to retrieve and push emails to your iOS device.


    Keep hassling them. Be persistent! That was what I did and I did that for more than six months!

  • Morac Level 1 Level 1

    Well I had to restart my iPad and now it's not working there either.  Whatever they did (if anything) didn't survive restarting my iPhone and iPad as doing so caused push to stop working on both.


    I was so excited when they fixed it.  I thought it would stay fixed more than 12 hours.