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  • IrmaNici Level 1 (0 points)

    I'd been through the same.


    Keep emailing them. That is the only way!

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    I've had the same thing happening with my iphone and ipad over the last couple of weeks. I would remove the account and put it back on and sometimes push would work on one device for a while and then stop after restarting the device. Now I'm not able to get push working on either device no matter what I do.


    I've reached out to Yahoo and gotten the same response, "We're working towards a fix but we don't know how long it's going to take..".   I'm not sure how much control we really have over this. I've resigned myself to using fetch on a 15 minute schedule, but I check daily to see if push might be working yet.


    If they ever do fix it I'm throwing a huge party and you're all invited! (most of you inevitably won't get the email though, I'm sure)...

  • Snaked Level 1 (0 points)

    Fetch doesn't appear to be working anymore either, I'm just going to give up on Yahoo notifications and change any urgent contacts over to one of my gmail addresses.

  • IrmaNici Level 1 (0 points)

    I think we should all write to the new Yahoo CEO. I will write to her if someone could give me her email address.

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    I decided to enable advanced logging on my iPad using a logging profile that Apple had sent me for another issue I then looked through those logs and found the following line a number of times since December 20, 2012 (I censored personal data):


    01/03/13 08:17:21|[100:0x1e2d5920]|LogAPSManager: account <YahooAccount:0x######## (path=/var/mobile/Library/Mail/, active)> rejected XAPPLEPUSHSERVICE request: 4 NO [SERVERBUG] XAPPLEPUSHSERVICE Server error - Please try again later


    I saw a lot of these, though not every day and there weren't any today.  The last one before Jan 3rd, was Dec 27nd.


    In any case it looks like there is definately a server problem.  What I don't understand is it started working yesterday on both my devices until I restarted them, then it broke again.


    I tried to report the above to Yahoo via their help page, but the help page actually broke. 


    Yahoo really needs to get their act together.

  • Morac Level 1 (100 points)

    Fetch should always work since that is initiated by the iOS device itself.  If fetch doesn't work, then manually checking wouldn't work either. 


    I've seen that happen occasionally.  I can usually fix this by flagging a message, refreshing and then unflagging a message.  For some reason, sometimes the IMAP data gets out of sync.

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    Snaked wrote:


    Fetch doesn't appear to be working anymore either, I'm just going to give up on Yahoo notifications and change any urgent contacts over to one of my gmail addresses.

    I may have been wrong about this, Yahoo just fetched.

  • Morac Level 1 (100 points)

    I'm not sure if this helps any one else, but if you manage to get an issue number, I've found that contacting @YahooCare through Twitter with the issue number is having some positive results.  I was already informed that they found and fixed an issue with my account (they didn't say what issue) and are now closer to having a solution for the push problems I'm having.

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    That's exactly what I did. Yahoo customer care emailed back

    saying that they did some maintenance on my acct and

    things should be back to normal in 24 hrs. 24 hrs have

    passed, and still not pushing. I am contacting again this

    afternoon. I know of at least 15 other people who are

    not on the apple forum that are having the same

    problem with yahoo not pushing email to their


  • Morac Level 1 (100 points)

    I was told that while they "fixed my account", the push issues are still being worked on.  I'm not really even sure what they "fixed" since my account seemed fine other than the push problem, but I was told there "another issue" that was fixed.


    Based on my post above though, it's obvious that there are server problems registering for push.

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    I'm having no luck with this.  I deleted the account and tried to put it back.  I loaded my wife's yahoo account with no problems.  It stopeed working on my ipad too but my wifes works fine.  This tellis me it's a yahoo issue.  I pay a premium for the yahoo mail with no advertisements.  But still the yahoo help *****.  They send me a typical message asking how I'm loggin into the mail.  Now my calendar is gone from my iphone too, a real pain in the butt.  I haven't been able to have Yahoo call me, wish they would.  I even got a feedback request from yahoo to see how their support was.  This is very frustrating.


    Also, I've noticed I get a lot of time out errors when I try to log into my yahoo mail, especially during the afternoon and evening it's only a 20% shot that I can log into my mail.  this is with IE or Google chrome on my regular computer at home or at work.  There is something going on here, may end up having to switch to Gmail but I've been using this yahoo mail for 13 years.. I'd like to keep it.


    Very ****** at yahoo for not being informative about this.  I'm sure a lot of people are having this problem.


    I did see an alternative to recreate this e-mail account on iPhone using the "Other" option and not the "Yahoo" Option when creating an e-mail account in settings.  This did get me my mail back for this account but not my address book which I count on a lot.  To do this you need to enter the inbound and outbound mail server when you go this route.   incoming mail server and outgoing server


    I created this other account too so the original one is still there for when (or if) yahoo fixes it.  but I think I'll have to start transferring all my calendar and address info to G-mail and start using that.  What a pain

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    Has anyone had any luck in fixing this yet? Or, heard back from Yahoo! on a timeframe that might sound realistic as to when we can expect this to be working? I'm going on 4 weeks without push and it's making me consider the switch.

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    I dont have the time or desire to deal with this issue anymore.  I just switched to gmail and it works great!  it is not as hard as you would expect and it takes the yahoo headache away.....


    good luck

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    Yeah, I agree. I think I'm going to end up doing the same thing. My worry is that, even if yahoo were to fix the issue I don't have a lot of confidence it doesn't break again in the near future. Is Gmail the standard now for moving forward with a new address?

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    For the last 3 days, yahoo customer care has emailed what they have done to my acct, and asked me to wait 24 hrs so that the changes can take effect. Each time, 24 hrs later, yahoo mail still did not push to the Iphone. It is very frustrating...