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I set up iCloud on 3 devices; an iMac, an iPhone and an iPad. Although everything seems to be working fine otherwise, I see no notes on the iPad, although iCloud notes syncing is tuned on. I tried many times removing iCloud information from the iPad through settings and logging in back again, tried both @mac and @me apple login information, with no luck. I guess the only thing I didn't do is setup the iPad as a new device, something I would like to avoid.


Ay other ideas?

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    OK, I finally managed to get it work. Seems like all the notes entries I wanted transferred through iCloud, were on the "on my Mac" account. Regardless the fact that they were getting synced to the iPhone, for no reason, I moved them all to iCloud on the iMac. Then, I had to disconnect iPad from iCloud, restart the device and connect again. Works like a charm now!

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    I fell your pain and no thereis no good solution to this nasty issue. However you can view your Outlooknotes on your iOS devices but I had to do a sync via PC iTunes and sync cable to each device (iPhone 4 and iPad 2) not a very good solution (no support for OTA iCloud sync, LAME!). Then when the Outlook notes arrive on my iOS device in the Notes app its under a separatefolder "From My PC". All notes generated on your iOS devices are in the folder xxx@me.com or iCloud folder.  Further more if you go to your iCloud webpage you will only see the notes you generated from your iOS devices (if youhave Notes sync turned on) and you can't edit them nor can you create new notes from the iCloud webpage interface! Extremely sad and downright terrible migration from Mobile Me.  These are simple text notes this should not be so difficult but Apple chose to treat them the same as email messages basically and made a flashy "Notes App" just like the new iOS 5 "RemindersApp" same thing.


    If you’re like me and your looking to go away from your Outlook Notes and just want to put all notes into the Apple Notes then you need to use one of your iOS devices and manually cut and past the notes one at a time from your "From My PC" folder then create a new one on in your iCloud folder. This is also so darn ********! You should be able to select all do a copy then go to the iCloud folder and past,done (but you can't)! With hundreds of Notes collected over the years you’re not likely going to manually open each one select all, copy close and create a new note in the iCloud folder....  and by the way I'm not looking to load Evernot at this time so stop suggesting exporting my Outlook notes to Evertnote, this is not a solution to this issue.

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    If you're on a Mac you can move your notes to iCloud using Mail.app, that's how I did it...

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    Thanks for the excellent posting. I also have a MacbookPro, an iPad and an iPhone, all iOS5 devices.

    The iCloud migration and functionality have been problematic from the start. My iCal and Notes do not sync with the Cloud. Location services for the iPad, although turned on are not registering as "on" with  the Cloud. I also discovered that using Notes on the iPhone requires you to create a new @me account, with no option to use my already existing @me account. Based on your excellent posting and other commentary that I have read I have decided to give up on the idea of using the iCloud at this time. I will hold off and not invest any more time troublelshooting and researching the use of the iCloud until some time in the future when Apple gets their game on and learns how to implement and support this wonderful concept. My observations thus far force me to conclude that this is currently not ready for primetime.

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    Just follow the procedure described in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS32_Y3pWTY


    It worked ok with me.

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    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my posting. I have to point out though that the original query was regarding an iPad and the Cloud and not an iPhone and wired synching to a computer as the video demonstrated. Neither did it refer to Windows or Outlook. My question referred to being able to create a note on an iPad and having that note appear with other notes on an iPhone or Mac. The iPad for some reason was not included in the sharing mechanism.


    The problem has since been solved and everything now works seamlessly.

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    Thanks for your reply. My problem was also solved by disconnecting and cycling the power on the iPad. It was not an obvious solution but resolved my problem. Everything now works seamlessly.



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    How long does it take the notes to transfer?