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    Can you give details on what WPA settings you changed?

  • Cadillac Level 1 Level 1

    This solved the problem for me after searching through many solutions in the discussion area. Simply removing legacy MobileMe accounts that would/could sync data and documents made iCloud work perfectly for my iPhone and iPad.




  • OonaghR Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you NJB2308, this has just solved my problem without the grief of having to move everything onto the laptop and doing a system restore.  Big hugs coming your way!


    For info I never had a mobile me account so there wasn't a conflict with multiple accounts, AND there was nothing too valuable on the iPad if it all got lost in the ether!

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    Here's my own wrinkle on this issue. I got a new iMac a few days ago and set it up to migrate files via wifi from the old iMac, a very long (36 hour)  process. Since that started I modified several Pages documents on my iPad and found they refused to upload to iCloud. Today I checked the forums and found this thread and then started puttering around, comparing the Pages documents on the iPad with those that appear in Safari on the iMac (after migration was complete). I found that, if I duplicated one of the stubborn documents on the iPad, the duplicate would upload. After deleting the original iPad document and renaming the duplicate, I got an alert that there were versions out of sync, asking me to choose which to retain. After choosing the just-renamed iPad document as the correct one, all appeared to be OK.


    I have a few dozen Pages documents on the iPad, but had modified only a few since the iMac migration started, so it was quick to fix these files. I tested a few documents that had not been touched in recent days, and had no trouble updating them.


    If anyone really understands the guts of iCloud syncing, perhaps they can explain what's going on.

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    I was having the same problem but resolved it.


    I have two Apple IDs (one for iCloud and one from MobileMe). I simply deleted the MobileMe account from the iPad and voilà, iCloud docs showed up in pages for iPad. I was only using the MobileMe account for contacts, but it said in the iPad settings that it was also syncing documents. Since I didn't see a way to turn off the document sync for the MobileMe account, I just deleted it from the iPad. Problem solved.


    Apple, you REALLY need to allow those of us who took a chance on MobileMe to combine Apple IDs. I continually run into frustrating issues because of the existence of two Apple ID accounts. I heard in September you were working on it, but haven't heard anything since. What a wonderful Christmas present that woud be...

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    I'd second that!

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    I just want to access the doc's I created in Pages on my ipad but don't have pages for the ipad.  Appears that there is no way to do this.  I don't understand what Apple is thinking.  The whole iCloud is so contorted that its driving everyone to use other services.

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    I am lost in the iCloud.

    If on my iphone in settins/icloud then turn off documents and data then pages and numbers on the iphone work, it puts the docs on the cloud and retrieves them, but as soon as i turn documents and data back on it does not work.

    I would have thought that before Apple sells these apps that it would have been tested better than this.


    Regards, Kenneth.

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    This was by far the simpliest fix. Took all of two minutes,

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    worked perfectly, thanks

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    I had the same problem with Pages, Numbers & Keynote not getting docs from iCloud or syncing test documents up to it after upgrading from a 3GS with iOS 5 to an iPhone 4S. Everything else was workong for me - Photostream, Calenders and email. What solved the problem for me, after reading the suggestions on this thread, was the following:

    1 Turn off document support in Settings/iCloud

    2 In Settings, turn off iCloud use in Pages, Numbers & Keynote.

    3 Open Pages, Numbers & Keynote, then for each one close it from the multitasking line.

    4 Enable Documents support in Setting/iCloud, and enable iCloud use in all three apps from Settings.

    5 Open each app in turn, and they began downloading from iCloud.


    Thanks to all who gave their experiences.


    This was what worked - so simple, and I tried everything elses..

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    I was having the exact problem described and MDC nailed it. There was a conflict with my iCloud accounts, I simply deleted the bogus entry in the accounts list and reactivated iCloud syncing in Pages and it worked as advertised.

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    I had a problem with my iPad and got it replace at the AppStore. After restoring the backup from my previous iPad, none of the iWork app was syncing. I applied the following steps from ozwheels, at it saved me a full reset.


    ozwheels wrote:




    • Backup any iOS iWork documents to your computer or send emails
    • Delete all iOS iWork apps on iPad
    • Sync with iTunes and add iOS iWork apps back onto iPad
    • Launch each iOS iWork app on the iPad and at the welcome say "Yes" to use iCloud
    • iCloud documents start to sync/download immediately


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    I have the same problem, and haven´t been able to solve it.

    I´ve restored my iphone 4s, ipad, everything and still doesn´t work

    Any ideas??

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    1) Upgrade your device to iOS 5 (Mine is iOS 5 and the following steps help solve the problem)


    2) Open Pages, Numbers, Keynote Apps and leave them stayed open in the background


    3) Go to Settings, delete the iCloud account if it has already been created, and login to re-create an iCloud account.


    4) Now close the Apps (assuming that you know how)


    5) Re-open the Apps (one by one) and when you will be asked to confirm whether you want to sync the App with iCloud or not.


    6) Touch "Yes" and that's it!


    7) Logon to the from a computer to double-check to see if it actually works (assuming that you know how)


    Good luck!