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    The following sounds like strange story, but is true and more important: my problems with syncing between Pages (and some other Apps) and iCloud are solved!


    Orginally I had an iPad 1 WiFi and an iPhone 4 with on both Pages installed. Syncing between my iPhone 4 and iCloud worked perfectly from the start, but I never got it to work on my iPad 1 WiFi.


    Recently I bought an iPad 3 WiFi + 4G. Initially I had no sim card installed in this iPad and again I couldn't get Pages to sync with iCloud. The following day I received my sim card, installed it and activated it. When I then tried again to sync documents between Pages and iCloud, syncing started immediately and is now perfectly well doing so between my iPad WifI + 4G, my iPhone 4 and iCloud.


    Some other observations:

    - Photostream worked on both my iPads

    - Reminders worked on both my iPads

    - Messages did not work on my iPad 1 WiFi and did work on my iPad 3 WiFi + 4G only AFTER I installed the sim card!

    - Some Apps had problems with syncing on my iPad 1 WiFi


    To me it appears that there is a bug in iOS 5.1, which causes syncing between Pages (and some other Apps)and iCloud not to work as it should when having an iPad WiFi OR an iPad WiFi + 4G with no sim card installed.


    I am curious to know Apple's reaction on my experiences (if they ever read this).

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    I might be missing the boat a bit.  I have Lion and the latest ios on my ipad 2 wifi.  I can send to itunes no problem.  Select your connected ipad and go to the apps tab at the top.  Scroll down to the File sharing at the bottom and select pages from the list.  Then save to whatever folder I want.  When I update and want to send back to my ipad I click add from the same File sharing window and when prompted click replace.


    I was going nuts trying to find out why it wasnt "synching".  Once back on the ipad click the + (create document ) and you will find out you have a few other options including copy from itunes, idisk and webdav.  Click copy from itunes, select the file and you are good to go. This however will not replace the document of the same name it will sequentially be name1 name2 ect. 


    I know this isnt icloud and automatic in any way but it does work back and forth between pages on the mac and pages in ios.

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    I too, out of the blue, had all of my iCloud docs removed fom my devices and the iCloud switch in the iWork apps for iOS would always reset to off. I tried all of the options posted here on my iPhone and iPad, except for a full restore. Here's what worked for me to fix the problem:


    1. Delete the iWork apps

    2. Delete the iCloud account in settings on your device

    3. Reboot your device

    4. Reinstall the iCloud account and make sure the documents setting is ON

    5. Reinstall the apps by syncing with iTunes on your desktop/laptop. This will not work simply by downloading the apps from the app store on your device, I tried......

    6. In settings, turn the use iCloud switch ON for each app

    7. Launch each app and choose use iCloud!


    It worked for me, hopefully it will work for you too!

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    Much simpler solution for me.  I discovered that there was a switch in Settings->iCloud called 'Documents & Data' that was set to 'OFF', which prevented the Numbers, Keynote, and Pages iCloud switches to be turned on.

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    This worked for me ! Thanks MikeRU

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    i have had this problem, spent an hour on chat with apple support, NOTHING, but to top it off arranged a call back from apple support and was told by THEM that i would need a delveloper account for £70per year, so i said no thanks, went and read all the info on the app not mentioned, got back onto somebody else they said that was rubbish, STILL NOT WORKING THOUGH, waiting on another call back tomorrow

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    So, what is going on with the problem of synchronizing the iwork apps with imac, mac pros and macbooks running the Maverics? All my ios devices sync properly with the icloud, including pages, numbers and keynote. I see also the same files through the browser signed in the icloud. The problem is that the imac and the macbook cannot sync with the icloud. The seem to sync with an "icloud" but it is not the correct one!! What happens.. anyone to help?? Thanks!

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    I solved the problem by creating new documents through the apps or icloud beta website than upload the old ones. So maybe the app has problem with those documents have been created by previous versions of the app or in previous osx. Anyways now I have to copy paste each one old document to new ones which I create from scratch into the app. This way all my devices connected with icloud are synced. Thanks

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    Hey I found out that iCloud Drive was turned off in the iCloud setting on my iPad.  Switched it on and then turned on 'Use iCloud' in Keynote, Pages and Numbers.  Providing that you are running IOS 8.  Everything started syncing.

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    Thank you so much!! I thought I lost my book that I'm writing. This helped

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    The fix is not very complicated. Apparently you can't sync similar apps to icloud.  In Settings, iCloud, turned off Dropbox and Word and voila! It seemlessly synced to my mac from my ipad. Aggravating, but better than a factory reset, etc.

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