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  • Whitrig Level 1 Level 1

    You can copy the Calendar entries back into the native Outlook calendar within Outlook.


    In Outlook calendar view

    Select view (from the top of the screen) and then select current view then tick/select all appointments.

    This will change your calendar view to a list.


    Select all the entries and drag them to the "Calendar" under My Calendars in the LH window.

    You will now have all your entries in the original outlook calendar and Calendar in iCloud.


    I then switched iCloud off for calendar and contacts.


    I should have known better I've been using Google calendar sync and Toodledo sync for tasks for the last year with NO problems.


    Apple are really making a mess of email etc AGAIN the functionality is nowhere near gmail.

    I'm going back to using Google sync etc along with dropbox.


    You can do the same thing for tasks drag them from Tasks in icloud to your "To-Do list" under my tasks in the LH window.

  • marshafromanchorage Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks,all, for the good suggestions...I combined a couple of them and easily recovered my Outlook Calendar.


    I signed out of iCloud and said "yes" when asked if I wanted to keep a copy of the entries on my PC.  iCloud created a new Outlook calendar folder called "Calendar from iCloud" and downloaded the calendar entries into it.  I then viewed all entries in that new calendar folder as a list, highlighted all entries and dragged them into my empty original Calendar folder.  Deleted "Calendar from iCloud" folder and all is as it was 24 hours ago.  

  • Iann.McGill Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you all for the advice.  I don't what your calendar set-up is in outlook, but for me I had multiple calendars and had categorized alot of my appointments.  When it imported into the icloud calendar and then sync'd with ical, it created a new calendar for each category from each of the calendars.  Ical didn't allow me to merge those calendars, so this is what I had to do to get them all back into outlook. 

    1) create a folder on your desktop. 

    2) Select each calendar one at a time and click export.  This is an important step.  The calendar has to be selected or you may accidentially export a different calendar.  Export them all to your folder from step 1.

    3) Once you've exported them all, select them all, right click and then choose "open with outlook".  If it isn't in the list to choose from choose open with another application.  Find outlook in your microsoft office folder and select it.

    4) Outlook will begin importing all of the appointments.  It will merge everything into a single calendar with no categories, but atleast it will get it back into outlook.


    Hope this helps!  Good luck!

  • tankstew Level 1 Level 1

    Wow, the main reason that I came to apple 4 years ago was that these things didn't happen or very rarely.  Seems like they are becoming the "me-too" product just like microsoft and the pc gang.  I hate to see this after bringing so many people into the apple fold. 


    I too lost my entire outlook calendar.  I've exported the ical file and am waiting on the rebuild to see if it works to bring it back. 


    Not cool Apple.


    Jobs we already miss you more than you know.

  • mehrad Level 1 Level 1

    The thing that is really perturning about iCloud sync problems is that there is scant coverage of it.  Either we are a bunch of idiots who cannot figure this out or Apple has managed to payoff the likes of Mossberg at WSJ to ink a positive review.  In my wildest, I cannot even imagine such horrific software coming out of Redmond. Three thumbs down to Apple.

  • tankstew Level 1 Level 1

    My problem is that there is no CAlendar in Icloud bar in my Outlook 2011 calendar list.  Also, I have tried the export from ical and option open into outlook, still no go.  HELP!!!!!!!!!  I've lost half a day of productive work time trying to regain my outlook calendar.  Someone please give me some direction.


    Secondly when I go to de-select the calendars in icloud it warns that it will delete the calendars that I have left in ical which is what I'm trying to recover!!!!!! 


    Thanks a lot APPLE!!! 

  • spoet Level 1 Level 1

    I was so excited when sprint got the the iPhone. Finally I could use my outlook for mac and all my calendars would be updated with no effort and no duplicates all the time. NOT!! My entire calendar and address book are gone!!! You can't see the iCloud from Outlook.


    I called Apple Care, They sent me to microsoft. Microsoft has no idea when and if they will be able to make outlook work with iCloud calendars or address book. They did not get any release ahead of time, so just starting to work on the issue. My brand new iPhone is going back. I am so disappointed in you Apple!!!

  • pboomerx Level 1 Level 1

    Here is where I am on this problem:


    My Mac is running Lion latest version. Is talking to a Exchange server as well as several POP accounts. Using Outlook 2011 for Mac. Also have latest version available for Outlook.


    Loading up my Mac and IPhone with IOS 5 stuff and turning on ICloud wiped out my calendar in Outlook.


    New calendar entries from others or that I enter are showing up/working OK.


    Scheduling is also working OK...I can see everyone's availability.


    Fortunately, I backed up Outlook onto my desktop a few days ago...prior to the IOS5 update stuff and ICloud turn on.


    So, I imported the Outlook backup file back into Outlook for calendar and contacts. All my calendar stuff is back..but with a few duplicates that I dont care about.


    So far, so good.


    Hope this helps? If something else goes wrong I will repost.

  • tele59 Level 1 Level 1

    Nothing worked for me. I had to restore my PST file

  • redpizza Level 1 Level 1

    I have just found another option to restore, and it restored my faith in Apple as well (a little).


    It seems that just before the massive delete of all the calendar events from iCal (and then from Outlook via the auto sync), iCal created a backup! Search your mac for a file with the extention .icbu (I can't remember the full filename now, as it seems to have been deleted after I used it to restore from.)


    Go into iCal and select Import, and then select the .icbu file. All events back in iCal and sync'd back to Outlook.


    It would be nice if someone from Apple could have replied to this thread with the advice.

  • todL Level 1 Level 1

    Can use please explain the steps to do this?

  • 2chicks Level 1 Level 1

    This also happened to me. 3.5 hours on the phone with Apple and I have my data back, my dups are gone, but my Outlook color-coding of each calendar item is still gone (hours of work), and it still trumps the default 15 minute reminder for each item. You CAN resent reminders for items manually, but it doesn't support your default reminder settings in Outlook. Call support, ask for Carlos, in the highler level of support. He knows how to fix this.

  • WendyMerritt Level 1 Level 1

    I am on a Windows 8 pc using Outlook 2010. I have no iCloud calendars, no iCloud Contacts, no iCloud tasks. It deleted everything. Tech support has been of no help. They keep asking me to backup MobileMe, which I can't do because it imported everything into iCloud (it should have recommended making a backup before allowing you to migrate...grrrr).


    I'm so annoyed. I have been trying to recover this data for 2 weeks!

  • Rephaim Level 1 Level 1

    After installing iCloud on my PC and turning on Calendar in Settings for iCloud on my iPhone 4S, I found that my original calendar on Outlook was blank. I then found there was a new calendar green created in iCloud (show all calendars). The sync seemed to work between the PC and iPhone calendars. But I was apprehensive so wanted to restore the calendar on my PC Outlook. These are the steps I took.

    1. In the iPhone, turn off the Calendar in Settings for iCloud
    2. In the PC close Outlook then open iCloud and uncheck Calendar & Tasks
    3. Open Outlook. Click in the iCloud calendar, right mouse in the calendar title and select Copy “calendar.” In the file structure list that appears, select your Outlook calendar as the destination.
    4. For me, this created a third calendar (violet).
    5. Close Outlook and open iTunes. Sync the phone to the PC.
    6. This restored my original (blue) calendar but on the iPhone I had duplicate entries. This was because it was displaying both the original (blue) and the third (violet) calendar. I selected the calendar app, clicked the Calendar button on the top left and unchecked the violet calendar.
    7. In Outlook, I the calendar list I right-moused the third (violet) calendar and deleted it.
    8. With iTunes I resynced to the PC and this deleted the calendar on the iPhone.  I selected the calendar app, clicked the Calendar button on the top left again and checked the violet calendar. I then touched the arrow to its right and changed the color back to blue.

    I suspect that you can skip steps 3 which would eliminate a lot of the steps.

  • WendyMerritt Level 1 Level 1

    That all sounds lovely...except I have no iCloud calendar for step #3.