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    I'm pretty sure I chose delete. I can't remember for certain, though. I also had Time Machine backups of everything, in case…


    I believe you're safe deleting the local copies once the information is on the cloud servers. Go to and look at all your stuff first.


    When you're done with all the setting up, I think you want all your computers, iPads, etc pointing to the cloud information only. I've unchecked all the local copies, birthday calendars, etc,


    Cloud only…



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    Thank you Jeff,


    I can't wait for answers (cos if something wrong especially with Apple/iOS I am going crazy ) so I do iCloud delete on my own risks. I have selected keep everythinh and when signin again to iCloud I selected merge. All seems ok now. Thank you!


    Of course I have all mu staff for all my computers/devices in the iCloud.

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    Here is what I did with my iPod touch

    1.  Icloud (settings>iCloud)

    2.  Delete account button at bottom

    3.  Keep contacts

    4.  Turn off iPod touch

    5.  Turn on iPod touch

    6.  (settings>iCloud) turn on iCloud

    7.  Sign in with apple ID

    8.  Turn on notes

    9.  Go back to settings pane

    10.  (settings>notes>default account)

    11.  Click on iCloud



    Hope this helps everybody

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    It is exactly what I did on my iPad. Issue is fixed. Thank you for all!

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    This is exactly what I did on my iPhone4S. But the issue is not fixed, notes still can not be syncing.

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    Can you see iCloud as possible option in the default Notes settings?


    I am speaking for steps:


    9.  Go back to settings pane

    10.  (settings>notes>default account)

    11.  Click on iCloud

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    Ditto this doesn't work for me either. Everything else in iCloud syncs fine. Calendar, Contacts, Photostream, Documents, etc. But Notes does not.


    And no, in Settings -> Notes there is no option to choose an account.

    And in Notes itself, there is no Accounts option.


    When I used MobileMe it worked fine on my 3GS and 4. But under iOS 5 (even the betas) Notes would never sync.

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    Worked perfectly.


    I had many duplicate notes although Calendar, Contacts, and Mail were fine. It turns out the duplicate notes were stored in the "on my iPad" account so I just had to view that account and delete them one by one, making sure that all of them were also in the iCloud account.


    There were several fairly new notes only listed in the "on My iPad" account. How can I move them to the iCloud account? I suppose I can copy their contents one by one and then paste into new iCloud notes but is there an easier way?

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    It finally works after I reboot the iPhone4S twice.

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    Thanks. It worked great!

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    I tried this on my IPad first but it did not help me with the Notes as when I go to turn on the sync in iCloud it asks me to create an account which is the same on my iPhone 4.


    How do I fix that?


    Cheers Taz

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    I synced my iPad and iPhone to my Mac, ticking the Notes box under Other on the Info tab on iTunes. That gave me all notes from all devices on my Mac. I then moved them all in Mail from the On My Mac folder to the iCloud folder under Notes. They then all showed up in the iCloud accounts on the other devices.

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    Can't speak to the main issue in this thread but I just wanted to point out that you don't see options for the default account or the Accounts button in Notes itself unless you have more than one account set to sync Notes. Notes syncing is done through regular IMAP, it's not really iCloud specific, so for example I have my iThings (iPad, iPhone 4) set up to use my wife's iCloud account for calendar, contacts, Find my iphone, photostream, and notes so we can share that stuff, but email is turned off on mine so I don't get her email. But I do have 2 work email IMAP accounts set up and if (and only if) I turn on Notes syncing in one or both of those do I get those options for Notes.


    Her iphone also does not get any of the account options because she only has her icloud account set up, no other email accounts.


    Now back to my search on the original problem, the notes in her account keep disappearing and getting emailed to her... like Apple Mail on her MacBook isn't recognizing them as notes and is processing them as regular emails.

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    Many thanks. It worked for me.

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    thank you thank you - I have spent all day doing research