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    I had a very similar/identical problem on my iphone 5. Here is a quick way to fix the issue - at least I did: Unable to sync iPhone notes

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    I was having trouble getting all my notes from iPhone (5) to Ipad (4) to MacBook Pro using iCloud.  After looking at all three devices and notes folders I noticed on my iPhone there were two accounts (one gmail and one ICloud.  On my iPad there were two accounts (one for iPad and one for iCloud).  The phone would sync with the macbook - but not the Ipad.  On each device I went to settings, Notes, choose iCloud as the default account.  Next on the MacBook I went to Notes; if the folders for each account aren't showing - go to View, Show folders list, then you will see the folders that are being used for all notes.  At this point I went to the gmail folder and selected all and just did a drag and drop to the iCloud - thus moving all my older folders to the iCloud folder - now they show up everywhere.  (there were no notes in the ipad folder I wanted to keep but I suspect you could do the same for those).

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    I am having the same problem with my iPad (fourth gen). My iPhone 4S will sync notes in iCloud, but the iPad will not. Initially, I was using Gmail as my account for syncing notes, but I now want to change that to iCloud. I did not initially have an email address. I set one up yesterday and my iPad is detecting it for facetime and iMessage, but not for notes or email. I want to use the iCloud email address for notes so that I can then remove them from my Gmail.


    I was about to adopt the solution set out above to clear the problem on my iPad, but it warned me that I would delete the content of my Photo stream from my iPad. I do not wish to do this! I realise that the content of the Photo stream still be available, but will my iPad be able to access old photos that were taken before I deleted and reinitialise the account, or will it be just be new photographs(i.e. those are taken after I reinitialise the iCloud account on my iPad) that go into the Photo stream on the iPad?


    If this will affect my ability to use photo stream and access all photographs, is there an alternative method to get notes to sync through iCloud on my iPad?


    I appreciate any and all help that anyone might be able to provide.

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    So, I took a chance and it all worked fine…and Photo stream content did not get wiped or become inaccessible from my iPad! The solution outlined in this thread worked perfectly for me.

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    "So I just found my problem.  We were denying IMAPS (TCP port 993) outbound.  My iPad was using the corporate wireless network and the firewall was blocking it.  Opened this up and suddenly everything works as expected.


    See thread for more details."

    This worked for me - It was the wireless network I was using. iPad notes now Syncs successfully with iCloud.

    Thank You!!!!

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    Thank you! I had read a few other answers that had helped other people but not for me.  Yours did, so thank you!

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    I have an iPhone 4. iPad mini  my iPhone shows accounts in notes the mini doesn't. New notes will transfer from I phone

    To iPad as well as iPad to iPhone . But my old iPhone notes won't move to the iPad . I have tried everything on this

    Post and no help . Now I am getting really F$&$ed off pardon my poor language but I'm about to fling this out the

    Window and buy android what is going on

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    I found this answer on another page. It helped me. ... Follow the intructions, then drag over the notes you want to be on icloud to be on that account. Otherwise, they will stay on your iPad or Mac.


    "I had the same problem, and found out how to solve it. The default account for notes on the mac is "On My Mac" you want it to be "iCloud".

    How to make that happen:

    1. open the notes app
    2. click on notes in the menubar
    3. set default account to "iCloud". (You can also click help and search for default account to find the option.)"
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    I have an ipad and an iphone. I have notes on my ipad that I want to synch with my ipone so when I make an update in one area it will update the other area.
    I think I have set this up for NEW notes as I created an icloud email and when I created a note on my ipad it appeared on my iphone and then I created a note on my iphone and it appeared on my ipad.......BUT
    what about EXISITING notes that I have on my ipad? How do I get them onto my iphone so that if in the future I edit them they are then in sync?
    Is is a case of copying it on from my ipad and emailing it to myself and then on my iphone I can access this email and paste it into a new note?


    1. Also I cannot seem to get an app on my iphone that I have on my ipad.
      I go to purchased but it is not there. The game is 'Words HD for free'

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    For the one who have a similar problem, following the instruction into this article could help (reseting iCloud documents without deleting them).

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    Thanks NCAppleFan your solution worked fine for my problem - syncing notes between iMac and iPad. Just moved all the notes over to iCloud as you described and set iCloud as the default on all devices. No more missing notes!

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    Hey NCAppleFan,


    Thank you for that info!  I just got a new iPhone, right on the heels of a new iPad mini, and you just helped me become a little more Mac-savvy.  I appreciate it - your solution worked perfectly!

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    Hi all - my iphone 4s is dead for good, and my power/lock button on the top is broken.  i'm trying to retreive my notes from icloud and it says i need to create a address to retreive - is this possible without having access to the actual phone?  any guidance is much appreciated!

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    If you follow this link it shows you what to do.  It is very simple, you need to turn in on in your icloud account.  I had the same problem.


    Go to; settings; mail contacts calendars; icloud; turn on notes or any other app/programme you want to see visible and sync into your icloud account.


    You dont need to reboot, delete accounts or any other such complicated way round.  Apple is not that comples and it is usually us as the user that makes a mountain out of  mole hill.


    Hope this helps.

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    I am unable to sync notes from my MacBook Pro to iCloud...Notes will sync between my iPhone 5 and iPad (3rd Generation) with iCloud. When i go to on my Macbook Pro, the notes that i have synced to iCloud also sync between both my iPad and iPhone, but those same notes don't sync to my MacBook Pro.


    Everything else works, reminders, calendar, safari bookmarks...(that's all i use) all work...I tried removing the notes on my MacBook from iCloud (iCloud Settings), and they all disappear...and when i re-add them again, those same notes re-appear (as if they're re-appearing from iCloud - but yet those notes don't sync with iCloud)...i'm confused...anyone have any ideas on this one?