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    Sorry.  I stand corrected.  I went back just now to see if I could find where I read that--which was obviously in error I see, but the phone does have some issues with it and the recommendation I read was consider the compromises of slowness and less battery life with the options of 5.  Sorry I misled.



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    All you need to do to make iMessage work with other iOS 5 users is to ensure that you have entered the telephone number correctly with the international dialling code .... i.e. for a UK telephone number ensure +44 is entered instead of the first zero.


    To communicate to an iPad without 3G you will need to use the email address registered with their apple ID and according to apple they'll need to be in a WI-fi area.

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    I hope someone can help with my imessage on iPad 2


    I can iMessage my daughter who has an iPod touch via email address.(she doesn't have a contact number due to an iPod only)

    I can iMessage my friend to her iphone5 via telephone number and I can reply to any iMessages she send me.


    However I can not create a iMessage to her email address. I get the red cross next to it.


    Originally I thought maybe her email address isn't set up but my daughter is able to iMessage her from the iPod with just the email address added.

    Both my iPad and my daughters iPod are version 5 and our wifi servers are the same.


    I have tried the fixes mentioned here ie change the wifi servers and take off subject box but it hasn't made any difference.


    Can someone help? Why does iMessage work from my daughters iPod to an email address but not from my iPad.


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    I have no idea why, but this worked for me on both my iPad2 and iPhone4.  Changed DNS from to  Logged back into iMessage.  All the messages I've missed for the past week started pouring in.  Thanks!

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    karenfromcaerphilly wrote:




    I hope someone can help with my imessage on iPad 2

    Can someone help? Why does iMessage work from my daughters iPod to an email address but not from my iPad.


    Are you sure you are using the exact same email address that your daughter uses?

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    Yes, I checked that initially as I thought that may have been the reason but they are both exactly the same. I also tried changing the DNA to as the others have said but that made no difference either.

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    i get this problem periodically, message not working from ipad, message send failure.

    i am able to fix it, i go to another wireless network and hey presto all messages sent and received. and delivered.

    when i return to my own network, messages works like a charm.

    i'm blaming my ISP but with so many complaints here i doubt you're all on optus!

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    it seem very slow with iMessage from my home too (with ipad), working fine with any other message apps, but not imessage. they really need to look at this problem.

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    Not sure if this will help anyone, but after looking at the settings on both my iPad and iphone4 I realised the iPad was set to receive iMessages at my email address and the iPhone at my mobile number. 


    I've changed the iPhone to receive at the same email address, changed my phone numbers to the international dialling code format and that appears to have solved it.  Well, it's highlighted the blue send button now and I just need to get a text from an iPhone user to see if it's worked properly. Fingers crossed :-)

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    Thanks for the IP address idea (changing the iPad's IP to .... how intuitive is that??!!)  posted by ujjwalfromnew delhi

    ujjwalfromnew delhiAfter a lot of frustration, this worked for me! THANK YOU!

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    even after changing my DNS to it doesnt work. Gets stuck at 90%(approx.)

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    @karen your daughter is using her Apple ID email, that is why u are able to send iMessages to her.


    For your friend's case, are u sure u got her Apple ID/iMessage email and not her ordinary email? U can only send iMessage from your iPad to her Apple ID email or whichever email your friend has chosen in their iMessage account.. U can even send it to the number, not just via Apple ID/email..


    Btw, i recently had this problem of messages getting stuck while sending on my ipad 2, changed the DNS to and it's workifng again..

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    I had the same issue, but I think I have it nailed. The problem is the "advanced" Mail option in iCloud  prefs. Sometimes this address can be different subject to whether you migrated from an old .Mac account. This MUST  be added to the "Received At" option in Messages prefs on the devive. (i.e. you can have multiple emails addresses entered here). As it turned out I had both a .Mac and MobileMe address so as long as both are added to the Receieved At pref, you will get send/replies on the  device.

    let me know if this doesn't make sense and I'll post a screen shot. Also make sure that the <Caller ID> option on your iPhone is set to your iCloud address.

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    BE careful you don't put an extra dot on the dns.


    ONce i'd figured this out , messaging worked.

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    Perfect man thanks a million it worked perfectly for FaceTime too

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