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  • Avill Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok add this to the list. When I creat a new iMessage on my phone and select my email address and send it I receive the iMessage on both my iphone4 and ipad1. If, however, I delete that message and make a new one, this time selecting my phone number instead of the email address, it goes only to the phone. So for some reason it seems if you don't select the email address as the original send point it doesn't work. Replies do, however (using the email method). And yes, the number and email address are listed under the same (and only) contact. Very weird.

  • Neddy123 Level 1 (0 points)

    @taddd Google's public DNS illegal??? Why? Before trying to inform people, please be informed yourself... Anyway, setting Google's DNS servers fixed the iMessage issues I was having, not sure why it works. It the same fix used to fix signin issues with FaceTime.

  • Michael Daninhirsch Level 1 (25 points)

    RE: pretty sure you can only send to an email address from iPad.. see if that works...


    Not true. You can select a cell number or an email to send a message to someone from an iPad.

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  is the Google DNS Server address. Dont thinks its illegal to change your DNS address to that.



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    @Neddy123 - yeah its the same fix for the FaceTime issue. I've been trying to figure out why iMessages wasnt working on the iPad and remembered this fix and just decided to try it....and it worked!! Whatever works!!


    All the best!

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    I had the exact psame problem could not send imessage from ipad2 but could send and recieve them on my iphone. Checked all the information and emails accounts the same. I eventually used my iphone as the hotspot for the Ipad and somehow it now works.

  • roryjt Level 1 (10 points)

    this worked for me:




  • ZGOZZ Level 1 (0 points)

    <NUMBER> is not registered with iMessage

    There are problem with this OS I am seeing this issue all over.

    Looks like apple did not test this os very well.

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    Ok. Try this:


    Turn off iMessage on iPhone but leave it on with iPad 2.


    Now attempt to send a message on iPad to someone to whose you successfully sent one on your iPhone.


    If it works, then go back and turn iMessage on with iPhone.


    This worked for me and I was able to see the conversation on both devices.


    Remember, the message sent on iPad while iMessage was turned off on iPhone will be a new conversation on both devices.


    Some folks have also tried setting their network DNS to and that seemed to work. Apparently, this was previously a fix for some FaceTime issue.

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    Mine was working properly on Ipad 1 last night but friend who has 4S, 4 and Ipad is trying to get all her devices to work properly.  I am now getting from her addresses, all devices but I can't reply unless I add a photo to the message.  Ghe send button is greyed out.  Last night I tried a photo and all went well but then messaging was working well.  Today I can only create/send if I add a photo.  She can then receive and reply normally from any of her devices I believe.


    Try adding a photo and see if you can send. Weird behavior.



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    Concerning the dns posts its a great quick (temporary fix until apple fixes it) it. And if you're concerned, google actually encourages you to use their dns:

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    I did all these suggestions on the DNS settings, re-booting ect. Nothing worked, then went in settings for the iMessages and shut off show subject box. Everything works now. Hope keeps working, nice feature!

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    i also got this to work by confirming the right DNS of your ISP. once i changed that on the ipad, all my test messages were sent and came in...the iphone had the same settings but worked....very weird.


    this also fixed my find my iphone issues

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    it's great man thank you very much! the DNS suggested helped to solve it!  i was going crazy (actually it remindes the dark ages when i had a PC in my life ) it is so NOT Apple!!

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    I dont know if this helps but i had the same problem with my IPad2 I had to turn off Send Read Receipts and Show Subject Field and then it started to work

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