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Keith Tomlinson1 Level 1 Level 1

Before iOS5 I had two accounts with Apple


Kt@kt.net for iTunes

Kt@me.com for MobileMe


Last night I merged my MobileMe to iCloud using my MobileMe name kt@me.com


This address doesn't allow me to access support

It doesn't allow me to use tools such as Find my friends


When logging into kt@kt.net it asked me to add a MobileMe Address so I added kt@me.com


I am unable to verify the address as its used on the other one.


How can I a) keep my kt@me.com address b) ensure I keep all my data and c)merge the old account leaving me with just the one?

  • n2kymva Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem. After I merged I went into the iWork to take a look and it told me to launch Keynote on my device. I launched it on my iMac and nothing linked up. I launched Keynote on my iPad and didn't see anything special that would indicate that it would go up into the cloud for use on my iMac or iPhone. I am using the iWork beta already.


    The AppleID that I use to make all my purchases, is older than MobileMe.


    There has to be a way to merge the two accounts into one, or... allow for both accounts to sync together.


    Can anyone share some advice on how to fix this issue?

  • William M Moldrup Level 1 Level 1

    I've been trying to resolve a similar issue via AppleCare customer service for the past few days, but no success.  My scenario is this.

    I originally created an Apple ID for iTunes in 2006 that was simply myname with a 6-character password.  In 2010 Apple said that to have a valid Apple ID it must be an email address and have a password of 8 characters with at least one capital letter--so I created myname@mac.com with a new 8-character password.  When requested on my three iOS 5 devices to set up store account I used the mac.com one.  Now I am locked out of 5 years of iTunes and Apps in the myname only account because I was not notified of the 90-day lockout until after the newer, fewer purchases account was added.

    I hope Apple provides the ability to merge accounts soon--there must be tens of thousands who are in similar a situation of being locked out on their iOS 5 devices.  Fortunately, it looks like USB syncing to a computer that has both accounts iTunes and Apps still works.

  • wwanthony Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here also.


    It looks like those of us that had a non-email Apple ID (for iTunes) and then signed up for .MAC (which unknown to us created another Apple ID) got somewhat lost in the transition to iCloud.


    For now I am using my iTunes Apple ID for the store and my .MAC (after migration) for iCloud.  I also have an iCloud account associated with my iTunes Apple ID which is emply and I will simple ignore for now.


    My biggest problem is for iMessage.  I want to use my .MAC (now iCloud) email address as my iMessage email address because it is already known to the world. but I get the infamous "already in use" error message.  The only email address iMessage will let me activate (without creating a new one) is associated my iTunes Apple ID.


    What I would like is a single Apple ID / Email Adress combo that is associated with iCloud, iMessage, and the Store (linked to all my existing digital assets).

  • William M Moldrup Level 1 Level 1

    "What I would like is a single Apple ID / Email Address combo that is associated with iCloud, iMessage, and the Store (linked to all my existing digital assets)."  wwanthony


    Amen!  I agree completely with the above quote.  For those of us who want one, fully integrated way of handling e-mail, iOS 5 devices, OS X Lion, iTunes, etc. Apple should be able to come up with a seamless solution.  For those who prefer separate IDs, accounts, whatever--those will still be available.  You should not be forced to integrate into one account if you do not wish to do so.

  • L.Wingreen Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here agree with all of the above!