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My wife and I both have iPhones with separate contact lists but share the same iTunes account. To complicate matters further we also have a shared 'Family iPad'. I have updated my iPhone and iPad to iOS 5 and iCloud. I am unsure what will happen when I update her phone to iOS 5 and iCloud? Will it replace one of our contact list with the others or will it merge the lists resulting in lots of duplicates on both our contact lists? To be honest I'm happy to share calendars, photos, music etc.. But don't want to wipe one of our contact lists. Any advice on how I can manage this going forward so we can both use our iPhones but share the iPad?

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    Any word?? I was told you can create a second user with their own email but don't know if true or works

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    I updated iOS 5 to my own phone and my iPad. When I updated it on my wife's phone I made sure I selected for it not to sync contacts, calendars etc... With iCloud when asked during install. once it was installed on my wife's phone I then went into settings and turned on the each thing individually that we wanted to share ie it's useful when she adds a calendar date that it appears on all our devices. However, I left off syncing her contacts with iCloud so we retain separate contacts. Problem is that with you iMessage with people from the iPad it goes to both her phone and mine? Think it may be time for a genius appointment.

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    If you use a single iTunes and point all units to that account in the Cloud, your contacts, photos, etc will merge.

    To keep them totally seperate, each unit must point an iCloud account that is created by a unique iTunes account. And yes, in you have mutiple email accounts, you can have mutiple iTunes account. Even point each account to the same credit card.