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  • Artieye Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well i had hope!  I upgraded to the new and improved 5.1 last week and crossed my fingers (hard to type with your fingerd configured that way so that explains my delayed input).  For the first couple of days I was crash free!  I then was emboldened to try turning some stuff back on, started adding some of the iCloud features slowly.  Photo stream came back on line and still no crashing so I soon had everything running again and oh oh.  Immediately turned everything back off, powered off and hoped.  Came back up and it behaved exactly as it has since I foolishly upgraded from 4.3.  I will not be buying the flashy new retina iPad 3 or whatever moniker they finally settle on but will continue to use my "old" sort of works iPad 1.  It just takes some adjustment to figuring in 3 or 4 crashes a day, so what if there are some stories you can't read all of the way through, I mean c'mon the Internet has lots of other stories.  So what if you are about to win a game and it crashes just as you struggle to make the final zombie go back among the dead.  It just means you get the thrill of starting over and working your way back through all the stages over again until you know it by heart.  I mean look at all of the money I am saving by NOT downloading games that look like they may have some cool crash inducing graphics!


    When I first posted, there were fewer than a hundred views here, now there are almost 100,000 but we know from reading this that views mean "nothing, nada" (whatever happened to that guy?), and still Apple does nothing, nada. We spent the money "because it just works" and proudly showed off our new tool to all to make them want one too!  Now I feel like a tool.  Why they won't let us opt to return to the original OS is beyond me but I guess that is water under the bridge.  I have given up trying every new "fix" that comes along and wish luck to all who continue to fight but my fight mode has finally CRASHED....

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    It seems that Apple has not provided official support for this issue. For some people, iOS 5.1 fixed the problem, for most, it did not. I found a guide here which worked for my friend who had this similar problem on her iPad 2. She had to remove her iCloud account but it fixed the crashing apps problem.

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    I tempt fate.... But here goes.


    My original iPad is functioning very well since the update. I have actually had zero crashes.


    Prior to the update my iPad was terrible. I had improved the situation slightly by turning off every available featur and reformatting. That, prior to the most recent update, had me down to a few crashes a day.


    Now, with iCloud still off, I have had no issues. I have zero intention of turning on features and messing my iPad up again.


    Overall I am finding pages load faster. The typeing lag is still there from time to time but not nearly as bad as before. And as stated already, no crashes! That's the big one..


    Those still with issues. I feel for you more than you know. I'm sure me posting this will have me joining you again soon. I'm scared. Someone hold me.


    ps this experience soured me on apple. It has not reached the level of hate I have towards Ford, or Bell Canada. But it's up there.

  • J.K. ROFLing Level 4 Level 4 (1,220 points)

    If iOS 5.1 fixed the problem for some people, that would seem to indicate that Apple is working on the problem(s). If it didn't work for you, then that would indicate your problem, while having similar symptoms, may have different causes than those it worked for. Keep working on it. If you haven't already, call Apple Support an start a case with them. They may have suggestions you haven't tried, or maybe not. But at least they will have a record of your problem and know that 5.1 didn't resolve everything.

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    OK,  I'm (unless I missed it) for someone who had crash problems and has purchased

    a gen. 3  IPad, to tell us how they like it.


    Will be nice to hear some positive flow here , but I don't have the bucks to buy the new IPad

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    Bought iPad3, restored from the cloud.  Lion video now plays horizontally. Techcrunch still crashes if I scroll up and down quickly. At least one other site has caused a crash. Graphics load much more quickly, and some sites that were problematic no longer are.  I'm disappointed crashes haven't been completely eliminated, but on balance, I'm pleased with the purchase.

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    Got a suggestion on TechCrunch and other known sites that crash:  Usually you can find an aggrator site like TechWire or Pulse that will let you view those sites through an iOS friendly format.  Your problem sites with  with heavily loaded /imbedded java content and graphic/videos will now be much more stable.  As and FYI, my pre ordered 64G LTE White 3rd Gen iPad is being delivered next week.  My old iOS 5.1 iPad 1 now ocassionally crashes, but not near enough to be as frustrating as it was before the 5.1 upgrade.


    Marty from Walnut Creek

  • Edmund Pirali Level 2 Level 2 (300 points)

    I'll second the iPad 3 experience. Obviously it much faster than iPad 1 perceptually in loads (don't get me wrong iPad 1 was just fine). Also with 4 times the memory I can open many more tabs in Safari and do not see the reload from low memory.


    When I update to 5.1 I could load almost any web page in Safari except a select few graphic heavy ones. With iPad 3 I actually can get the same pages to still shutdown Safari, but it takes longer or is less "touchy." But they are definitely limited to particular pages, unlike with 5.01 which I could eventually crash any page, including Apple.

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    I'd like my ipad to run flawlessly viewing any web page too, but people need to realize that the web was designed for the PC, not for mobile devices. There will be limitatations but each new generation of tablets  will get better, plus web sites are becoming more mobile device friendly or creating an app version. I got my ipad1 for Christmas 2010 and the number of web sites that I can now  view with no problem is easily ten fold from when I first started, regardless of the IOS version.  BTW I've been runnin 5.1 four three weeks with very few problems. I've only had a couple safari crashes, certainly no more than I got with 4.3, and even then I just reopen the page it it seems to work fine. You can compare that with my PC getting web page not responding errors or Firefox encountered a problem and needs to be restarted errors, and I don't think there is statisically much difference. Of course you're millage may vary and I'm not denying that some people seem to have far more problems than most, this is just my personal experience.

  • tasa Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)

    I'm overall pleased with improved functioning with 5.1. I updated the day after it was released, have used my iPad 1 extensively for browsing, plus games, iPages, Splashtop Remote, and other apps, with only two crashes since the update. Both times I had multiple apps in the task bar and multiple tabs open in Safari, and had been browsing for more than 30 minutes. I'm using iCloud for everything except syncing bookmarks.  Before 5.1 it didn't seem to matter what I did, crash, crash, crash, even non-Safari apps. So now, I make it a habit to empty the task bar and clear history if I plan to browse extensively, and only have one tab one at a time. While I don't like not having the option of having multiple tabs open to switch between, but I can live with it. No crashes with other apps so far. I'm relieved, as I can't afford a new iPad but was getting very frustrated before the upgrade and not enjoying my iPad as much as I did. It would have been nice if Apple had been open about all this, but oh, well, I've got to let it go and enjoy what I have. It'll be a cold day....before I do another update as long as the current one is working!

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    I have to agree with you Tesa. Since I did the 5.1 update my iPad1 is doing much, much better. Apple really did blow it on this issue by NOT even acknowledging that so many of us had a very real problem. Anyway I'm pleased they seem to have taken care of the problem - at least for me. And a cold day!?!? Its gonna be a LOT colder than that for me to ever update again!  lol

    Glad you seem to be having fewer problems.

  • jpozuk Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)

    For me it may also be a cold day before I purchase another apple product.  However I too must admit that things are looking better.   What is the story on the previous page not working?  Is the consensus that it has also been fixed?   Haven't been seeing it.  May just be lucky so far.


    I also tried, as has been suggested by others, to turn off icloud and delete the account.  Somehow in doing this I messed up my gmail connection, so decided to add account back but turned off all icloud functionality I could.  Are others still seeing an iCloud connection?

  • Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6 (12,815 points)

    jpozuk wrote:


    For me it may also be a cold day before I purchase another apple product.

    I have a hunch that Apple probably doesn't care.

  • jpozuk Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)

    Come on, the money I spend on apple products might affect their bottom line by .0000000000000000000001 cents, or maybe a bit less :-).

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    It's been a couple of weeks since I upgraded my iPad 1 to 5.1 and it seems to be working much better now. I have turned on all services including iCloud. Only one crash so far, when I tried to view an embedded video. I try to minimize the number of open apps but don't religiously close all of them before opening another one. Overall 5.1 seems to have greatly reduced the number of crashes I encountered with 5.0.1

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