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    I've been experiencing the same thing but it ony happens on certain web pages. can any one perform a real quick test for this? Go to, look up Fallout 4. An ign web page will be reference for the ps3 stating what Bethesda can learn from skyrim for fallout 4. Click on the link, does safari crash for you too?

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    I opened the page following your directions on my iPad 1 and my iPad 3.  Neither crashed.  There was a time where my iPad 1 use to crash all the time after upgrade iOS 5x.  But with updates, it stopped frequent crashes.  It will ocassionally crash (iPad 1) if the page has an unusual amount of graphics, embedded video, etc.  But it no longer is the rule.  Naturally, I mainly use my iPad 3.  But I wanted you to know this.



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    Krelek, yes that URL crashes Safari on my iPad3.  It also crashes Atomic Web.

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    Malum thanks for the response. It confirms that I'm not the only one.


    Martin, Would you mind letting us know what your settings are because I utilize the redesign IPad too but something might be different, I do use the incognito feature mostly because frankly I don't like websites collecting info on me (finger to google!).

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    Ok, I know this is frustrating, but the problem boils down to the fact that ios 5 was designed for Ipad 3s with 4 times the memory as ipad 1s. These crashes are almost alwayd out of memory problems. If you made the mistake of updating to ios 5  first make sure you update to 5.1, which seems to be a little better, then only solution is to disable as many new features as you can, if you do this then your ipad will be close to being back to the way it was. Here is a good web page that I found describing what features to disable. The bottom line is to free up as much available memory as possible.


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    Ipad 1 user:


    You know, I'd accept your argument, except all that was presented in the "early days" was how wonderful IOS 5 was.  Then I made the mistake of upgrading and ended up with a less useful tool.  I'd happily downgrade back to my original IOS, but am not offered that option.  Maybe apple's upgrade procedure could check machine type and issue a warning that your machine is not optimized for this OS?  As I've stated before, I'm not tossing my ipad each year for the new model.  I was perfectly happy with the Ipad 1 as originally purchased.  Allow me to downgrade and I will return to the happy camper camp.

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        Your use of the word mistake is somewhat telling.

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    I'm not presenting an argument, just some facts. I can't help you with Apple's upgrade philosophy just offering a solution.

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    Valid point, you unfortunately got in the way of frustrations directed elsewhere.  Apologies.

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    Thanks for this message the link you provided was really helpful.  I was already about halfway there by uninstalling apps I hadn't run for awhile and making sure there weren't any apps running in the background before I opened safari. I also started clearing the cache and deleting my browser history more frequently.  That improved things about 50%.  Turning off the additional features the article recommended improved things substantially.

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    I've been following this thread since it was started when iOS 5 came along and I started having problems with my ipad1. The link to the article is helpful and I found some of the suggestions useful. However, I think a couple have to evaluated more carefully: 1) disable iCloud - as an owner of multiple iOS devices (including the New iPad, which I've just had for a week), iCloud  has been an essential tool in keeping certain data, such as calendar, notes, reminders, Pages and several non-Apple apps synced. I did try turning it off initially, but did not really see any difference in my iPad 1's performance; 2) disable multitasking gestures - if you want to extend the life of your device's Home button, using multitasking gestures greatly reduces the stress on this button; and since I'm currently having problems with my (out of warranty) iPod touch 3GS home button, I wish it had multitasking gestures! I'm finding this to be a very useful feature and want to extend the life of my older devices as long as possible, and have seen no decrease in performance since I started using them about a month ago; and 3) turn off your iPad every night - again, this means pushing that power button frequently, and as one of two moving parts on the iPad, I try to use it as little as possible. I find that clearing the task bar each time I finish using my iPad 1 for any length of time keeps things in working order. I do agree, however, with the suggestions about Safari. In fact, on my iPad 1 I try to only keep one window open at a time, shut all windows when leaving Safari, and clear the history after heavy use. Clearing the cache is a last-ditch action for me as some sites still hold passwords anyway, so I'm not sure what's being cleared. And I do like to not have to reenter all those passwords that aren't saved! I haven't tried turning off Spotlight. I use iMessage every day as it saves on texting bills with my kids, and I haven't seen any decrease in performance since I started using it about 4 months ago. Just my 20cents worth. Hope it helps someone.

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    Good news, you can really help your crashing iPad 1 by going to Settings, Safari, Advanced, Website Data, then select Remove All Website Data.  It does not remove your passwords.  But not clearing it could keep your iPad crashing.


    This is a different action than on the front page of the Safari Settings screen where it ask you to clear History and Clear Cookies and Data.  You don't have to do that to remove All Website Data.



  • martinfromwalnut creek Level 1 (10 points)

    You can really help your crashing iPad 1 by going to Settings, Safari, Advanced, Website Data, then select Remove All Website Data.  It does not remove your passwords.  But not clearing it could keep your iPad crashing.


    This is a different action than on the front page of the Safari Settings screen where it ask you to clear History and Clear Cookies and Data.  You don't have to do that to remove All Website Data.  Let me know if that mitigates your crashing problem.

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    Ok, so today I went to the apple store in Modesto Ca. because of crashing issues with my 3rd gen iPad 32gb wifi version iPad. The problem I'm having is when I go into yahoo and do a search, for example, I type iPhone 5 in the search box and click on image and then search. After selecting a picture to open, I scroll thought approximately five to six more images and then it crashes. It will either go back to the home screen or do a reset. When I arrived to the apple store I told the tech before we look at my iPad, let me show you on some of your floor models first. I cleared the cookies and the cache and closed all background running apps and then did a hard reset. After this I opened yahoo and followed the same steps above and it to crashed like mine. Did this to another floor model and it to crashed. The tech was shocked and wasn't sure what to say at this point. I showed him all the low memory crashes from the data list in settings which show this has happen over 15 times just to day. He said there was no point in giving me a replacement iPad because it was doing this on the store's floor models and basically told me he would make note of it and that was that. Well I wasn't satisfied with this resolution. I got home and called apple customer care. Explained everything that had happened to the guy on the phone and he too was not sure what was going on. He transferred me to a senior supervisor and he explained to me that the iPad is not capable of opening those type of pic and hopefully future iPads will. He said its not as powerfull as a computer and maybe their will a fix in the new iOS or next iPad. Once again that answer is not acceptable. I explained to him that this issue does not occurr on my iPad 2 or my iPhone 4 and 4s. Just the new iPad 3rd gen. He had no response to this and said he would look into it and get back to me in a few days if he comes up with anything. I thought to myself this is ******** I have a $650 iPad that can't view pictures from safari with the retina screen....great. If I want a product that freezes up and has nothing but problems I would by a droid based tablet, but if the new iPad has the same problems, I would rather spend half the money on a droid and deal with it just like apple wants me too. I already emailed my story to my local news station. They have a problem/complaint guy that loves to look into stuff like this. Im hoping  he picks up this story and makes it public so other out there know about the problem with this product. Not only does it do it on yahoos web site, but from other web site that have picture galleries. What's the point of having a retina screen if it shuts down when looking at pictures. All those who list fix on the web, none of the work and don't bother resetting back to factory because that doesn't work either.

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    Has apple resolved the issue where after upgrading ipad1 to ios5 safari crashes?


    thanks Neo