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        Don't hold your breath, but here is answer to your question (from earlier post):


    "Reset iPad" - by holding Home Button and Sleep/Awake button at same time, for 10 secs until Apple logo appears

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    Tried... ""Reset iPad" - by holding Home Button and Sleep/Awake button at same time, for 10 secs until Apple logo appears" but "No joy." Thanks anyway jpozuk.

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    Here's a copy of a post I made a while back. Hope it helps.


    Ok, I know this is frustrating, but the problem boils down to the fact that ios 5 was designed for Ipad 3s with 4 times the memory as ipad 1s. These crashes are almost alwayd out of memory problems. If you made the mistake of updating to ios 5  first make sure you update to 5.1, which seems to be a little better, then only solution is to disable as many new features as you can, if you do this then your ipad will be close to being back to the way it was. Here is a good web page that I found describing what features to disable. The bottom line is to free up as much available memory as possible.


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    Can not figure out how to delete this post, so rewritting.  My apologies, I thought response was aimed at me.  My screwup.

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    Thanks tom56123...but, "No joy." It crashes the wrost when I am using Facebook then my iPad is virtually (ha, ha) useless whenever I access Facebook with Safari. This is being typed on my PC! Poor old iPad sitting there next to me, crashing every time I load Facebook. It even crashed earlier when I was out on the Apple site... imagine that... Need to find the original OS somewhaere and somehow try a reinstall... My advice is if you have *ANY* iPad, no matter what model, version, flavor, color... NEVER UPGRADE THE OS!

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    Get this from App Store. "Memory 100%"


    I clean RAM  every few hours.


    Also clear Safari on Settings.

    Also clear Webdata there.


    It worked for me.


    Also press home button twice to see active Apps. Then tap one , they will start flashing.

    You will then tap the x on each one and close the ones you do not need.



    At the start I went to the

    Apple  Store . There they reinstalled the OS for me.



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    I've done everything noted in the posts above.  Thought it fixed my problem but was on Safari reading my first article on after the "fix" and it crashed halfway through the article.   It started off random but now it's not even worth turning on.  Somethings up apple.  Need to fix this.  It's been an issue for 2 years now. 

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    I'm a little late to this thread.  Aside from constant crashes, my iPad 1 only shows 6.5 gb available memory, despite my stripping everything out and usage only shows 350 mb.  This is beyond frustrating.  I have done all the suggestions except a complete system restore, which I will try.  I sure wish I had read this thread before my spouse bought an ipad3 as our choice of tablet would have been different.

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    I'm having this problem - VERY frustrating.


    iPad verson 1, iOS 5.1.1.  Every app and OS updated.  clear all apps running. 30GB available storage.


    I can't run Safari or Google Chrome for more than a few minutes without them crashing.


    I'm ready to throw the useless device into the trash - I can't believe there isn't an EASY TO FIND fix for this.


    Worthless device - I am completely frustrated.

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    Look how long this has been going on. Wake up and smell the coffee. Apple will never fix this problem. The iPad 1 is obsolete and Apple doesn't care about your iPad 1. They expect you to but the new latest and greatest iPad. Right. Like that's going to happen. Oh wait, based on their sales, it already is. :(

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    I think that is ridiculous - Apple should be ashamed.  We spent money on a device that flat out doesn't work, and they should fix it, plain and simple.


    Totally unacceptable - if they want to drive business to their competitors, this is a great way to do it.

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    I totally agree, but I came to realize is we are are talking to deft ears

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    Downgrade back to IOS 4, just dont ask how to here.

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    Thanks for the input 

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    Convinced me. I bought a Microsoft Surface. My iPad was my first, last and only Apple product I will ever buy.