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During update to iOS5 on iPad1 was forced to change Apple Id to my Email address.  But the iPad has old id.  How do I change it on the iPad?

  • hanover82 Level 1 Level 1

    An update: in iTunes I updated my apple id and password while the iPad was connected and now the id on the iPad is the new one - my EMail address.  The issue is with Apple's update process - it should have changed all uses of the id when it forced a change from the old 'name' style to an Email address or else should have listed the steps one needed to go through.

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    Had same issue.  How are you getting the apps, songs and other purchased products associated with the old id transferred to the new id?

  • hanover82 Level 1 Level 1

    There is no problem with the apps etc.  Apple did not mess that up!!  When I got the Ipad to use the new id all was well and still is today.

  • Golfview Level 1 Level 1

    Hanover, the issue is that the apps follow the ID.  All of my purchases over the years have been on the original ID.  Apple will not allow you to transfer purchases to a different ID (or if they do I need help on doing that) nor do they allow you to merge ID's.  Apple used to let you make up a name for an ID which many of us did.  Under the new program your ID has to be an e-mail address.  Unless I can correct the transfer or the merge issue I am now in a mode where i have to track multiple Apple ID's depending on what i am doing...

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    Have the same problem.  been trying for almost 3 hours and nothing happens.  I click on the make ID and email address the same and nothing happens. Just get an "adress already in use by apple ID" message.


    Looked all over the internet and nothing.


    Can't use my iPod and I'll be receiveing my iPad in a couple of days.  Hope I can work this around before that

  • hanover82 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple appear to associate the purchases with an account.  That account has not changed.  They used to allow the apple id to be a name but now appear to only allow the apple id to be an Email address.   To repeat, I resolved the issue (the old apple id being used on my iPad with no way to change it) by changing the Apple Id in iTunes while the iPad was connected to my mac.  Since then the iPad uses the new apple id and all appears to be ok.  I can access the App store etc.

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    Update:  i found a thread that recommended that you take your new id (the one not attached to all of your purchases), change the e-mail address, save it.  Then you open your old ID and change it to be your e-mail address.  All purchases now follow the old ID with the new e-mail address.

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    More detaiL:

    In iTunes (the latest, 10.5) select iTunes Store from the left hand side of the main window.

    At the bottom of this there are 5 lists.  Click Account under Manage.  This will bring you to the Account Information page in iTunes.

    In the first section "Apple Id Summary" it will show the apple id.  This may be the old apple id (it was for me).  To the right there is an Edit >.  Click this and it will bring you to a page "Edit Apple Id Details"


    This is where you can change the ID to the Email address that you gave during the update to iOS 5 process.


    I did this while the iPad was connected and since then I have had no problems.


    I think Apple should have changed this during the update process and that failure has led to the issue we have been discussing.

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    Nope, I did that in iTunes and still it does not work.

    I was also on Apple website and I clicked on teh option to have same ID as the email but that option seems to not work as I do not get any update message.


    bad Apple!!

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    Same for me. My Apple ID is not an email address, and the 'Manage my ID' will not allow me to change it to an email address - so am locked out of my iPad! Poor effort, Apple!

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    Ugh!  This is too little too late for me!  But helpful for those who could fix the problem before it starts.  Have you heard anything if there are fixes after the fact?  I have already (performed the Apple requested) change from my user name to my user name being my e-mail address and now I cannot update apps (some purchased) or view my iBooks (also purchased). 

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    My problem was 'after the fact' and was resolved by doing what I spelled out in gory detail on 10/15.  If that does not help then I have no idea what you should do.

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    My problem is that I can't even get into my 'old' account. It doesn't seem to be sending the reset instructions to any email I've used recently, and it tells me my security question answers (my birthday) are incorrect. Not possible. I fear that my old ID is aimlessly wandering about in an Apple server somewhere not attached to any account. This will make re-downloading my purchased apps and music all but impossible. Apple have definitely dropped the ball on this one. Any suggestions?

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    Did you ever get a password reset email?