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Why does my iCloud email account only show @mac.com in my return address? I have been using @me.com before and now after the upgrade to iCloud, my iPhone doesn't even have it listed. I have deleted the account numerous times and have also used the me.com address as my user id.

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    I have a similar problem. I used to own a .mac email address, which I had moved to MobileMe for a while then discontinued. However, I made an Apple ID when I had the .mac email address.


    So, I had


    xxx@mac.com as my Apple ID.

    xxx@me.com was my old MobileMe ID, which I discontinued.


    When I made iCloud ID, it defaulted to:


    xxx@mac.com and it made email address at xxx@mac.com and xxx@me.com


    Then I realized I couldn't send email from Mac using xxx@mac.com at all. I was able to send email with xxx@me.com ID. No big deal.


    Problem is that unlike OSX Lion email, I cannot set up iOS 5 email to ignore xxx@mac.com and only use xxx@me.com! Email is stuck at xxx@mac.com and I am not allowed to send any emails. I can receive emails addressed without any problems, but I cannot send any emails.