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In iOS 4, when I wanted to take a nap, I would go to settings->notifications->off.  That would disable all notifications, so I would only be woken by a phone call or a text message, not by a notification.  In iOS 5, I no longer see a way to turn off all notifications.  The only way to do it is to silence or turn off my phone, but then I will miss important calls and text messages.  Is there a way to turn off all notifications while leaving the ringer on, without having to turn off the notifications app-by-app?


If not, I hope Apple restores this functionality.

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    The only way I know how to do this is to go into the notifications, and manually click each app and to disable their notifications. It might just be easier to put your phone on silent mode.

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    You seem to be missing my point.  I want to be able to disable all notifications without silencing my phone, so that I can receive calls without being woken by notifications.  And I don't have time to manually disable notification for each app one-by-one—and later manually enable notification for each app one-by-one—every time I take a nap.

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    I agree 100%!   I miss being able turn off notifications when I go to bed at night, but still have my phone ring should an someone need to contact me in case of an emergency since I travel -- but I really don't need to get notified that some friend is up at 3am updating their Facebook status, or some breaking news from CNN happened in Egypt.  If I turn off notifications, they will likely stay turned off as I can't be bothered to flip the back and forth two times a day -- plus there are too many.

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    I am having the same issue/question.  I need to turn all notifications off, but keep the phone and text notifications on.  This is the one thing that will make me absolutely HATE this phone.

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    I miss that option too. It was so easy to just disable all notifications when going to bed and still be able to get a call or text in case of emergencies.


    A suggestion though...If you turn off wifi and 3G (Settings>Wifi> Hit the switch to turn it off & Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data> again hit the switch to turn it off) no notifications will come through but you'll still be able to receive Text and Phone calls!


    That's what I've been doing since I updated to iOS 5 however I do hope Apple brings back the one switch on/off for notifications.

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    I also miss that feature. Would be great there could be a setting where you could let iOS 5 know that between certain hours you don't want to get any notifications.

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    Switching off all notifications in iOS 5 with a single tap is not possible now. Tell Apple you'd like this changed:



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    God, this is annoying.  I tried the workaround suggested to turn off cellular data and wi-fi.  This almost solved the problem.  But I quickly discovered that it didn't work quite the way I expected it to.  I turned off data and wi-fi and went to take a nap.  I was awoken by a reminder (apparently, those are activated by the iPhone, rather than pushed by the cloud).  And then, when I re-enabled cellular data and wi-fi, I received an iMessage from my wife that she had sent a few minutes earlier.  I had read elsewhere that SMS/MMS would go through even if data and wi-fi were turned off, but apparently that's not the case with iMessages (if someone else has experience with this, please confirm).  In iOS 4, I could turn off notifications with the click of a button, in which case I would be awoken by text messages and unbothered by calendar reminders, which is exactly what I wanted.  Now all I've got is a clumsy workaround that gives me the opposite result. 


    I read that if you plug something into the headphone jack, you'll only hear the iPhone speaker if the phone rings.  I'd be interested to know whether you hear the speaker when an SMS/MMS/iMessage arrives as well (which is what I want), and in no other circumstances.  Maybe I'll experiment with this after I finish my nap.  If someone else knows whether this is an effective workaround, please post here.


    And if anyone knows of a better workaround, please post that as well.


    By the way, I've left feedback at

    http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html I encourage all of you to do the same.

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    Update: I just tested the "plug something into the headphone jack" workaround I mentioned in my last message.


    The good news: The only thing that will make noise come out of the speaker seems to be an actual incoming phone call.


    The bad news:


    (1) Text messages will not make sound come from the iPhone speaker, with something plugged into the headphone jack.  If you never want to be woken up by a text message, then this is good news for you.  But I sometimes receive important text messages that I want to wake me up (along with phone calls, and nothing else).  This was possible in iOS 4.  In iOS 5, it seems to no longer be possible.


    (2) If you plug a pair of headphones into the headphone jack for this workaround, you'll still hear sound from the headphones—it will just be very quiet.  If you're a light sleeper like myself, it could still wake you up.  A solution would be something that plugs into the headphone jack but does not emit noise, like an audio out cable with nothing attached to the other end.  Too bad I don't have an extra one lying around.  Perhaps I'll have to waste a few dollars on one just to get a semi-reasonable workaround.  Still waiting for something better...

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    That's good to know (about the headphone jack thing). I will try that tonight. I just left feedback with Apple about this problem also. I sure hope they get around to fixing this soon!! It's driving me crazy!

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    Developers have been asking Apple to allow setting clock-based silencing of various sounds for several years. Lots of folks want to be able to selectively silence their phone during sleep hours (some even want 'no sounds any night from 10pm to 6am, and such.)


    Why Apple won't let this be done is beyond me. Using the mute switch is great UNLESS you forget and your wife gets woken at 3am by an incoming text, or until you inevitably forget to unmute in the morning and miss calls.

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    Even worse is when some notification causes all 8 iDevices in your home to boink slightly off synch at 4am. Sounds like a chorus of mutant frogs.

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    Snorkeler, I mean this in the very nicest way (honest!), but... that sounds like the very definition of a First-World Problem.