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During updating my iPad to ios5, iTunes tell me I don't have sufficient space on my hard disk (2GB free). I have 10GB on my second hard disk but how do I tell iTunes to use it for the iOS5 update? Thanks..

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    Same problem. I would try using a junction, but I have no idea where iTunes stores the backed up files.

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    Good idea of log63 but it does not work for me.

    I used the Junction program to create a link to a LARGE disk I have and that I use to backup all the iPad information to.

    If a use dir for the amount of space in the "C:\Users\Ashe\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer" directory I get 15,089,598,464 bytes free -- not enough to install iOS 5.


    But if I ask for the stoage space under the junctioned "MobileSync" folder under the above structure I get

    1,508,029,829,120 bytes free -- plenty to install anything BUT the Apple upgrade program will not follow the link as does iTunes when backing up -- frustrating.


    I hope Apple fixes this shortcoming soon -- I'd like to try iOS 5.

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    Yeah, didn't work for me either. I created a link for the C:\Users\Logan\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer folder to my D: drive, and iTunes still gives me the same error that I only have 1.3 gigs of space, and that it needs 12. It's as if iTunes isn't even recognizing the junction. Either that, or the backup doesn't save to that directory.

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    Yes, it appears that the iOS update just looks for the amount of free space on Drive C instead of following the Junction as iTunes does with it's backup process. To be sure I just Sync'ed the iPad with iTunes and it does place all its files where the Junction points, in my case thus:


    Directory of C:\Users\Ashe\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer

    10/18/2011  01:34 PM    <JUNCTION>     MobileSync [\??\E:\AppData-Roaming-Apple-Computer-MobileSync]


    Oh well for now --

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    Here is what I did to finally install iOS5 (which is great, incidentally). I uninstalled all windows updates for software I don't use, as well as some software, until I had 6GB of free space on my C drive. Particularly helpful was uninstallation of something called "Windows natural language", which windows installed automatically some time ago (apparently) and which took over 2GB of space on my C disk. Then I removed all free applications and pics from my iPad. The 6 GB of space I had on my C drive was then sufficient for the iPad backup and iOS installation.


    Still, I urge Apple to consider us with end-of-life computers with small and filled up hard disks when designing large updates through iTunes.

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    The most I am going to be able to squeeze out of my C drive is 2gb without moving the partition, which is a major pain. The apps on my iPad take up more than 2gb by themselves. I would be fine with wiping my iPad and reloading all my music, videos and pictures if it would remember the stuff I had stored on my apps and the apps' settings and preferences.

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    Am I missing something here but I'm being asked to back up my iPad, I need 15gb to do that but 12gb of that is music in iTunes, which I synched to the iPad from my PC, why do Apple want me to back that up?


    In the future will i always need to keep whatever my iPad memory is free on my PC in order to back up the iPad? Surely I've got something wrong here? I've never had to find 15gb of spare memory when I've updated and synched my iPad in the past. Sure I have loads of space on external drives but doesn't appear to be much use (reading above comments) and I don't want to back up and iTunes libary that is already backed up?


    Help Apple!

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    Great if it works. My iPad has more space in use than my notebook's entire C: drive. What's infuriating is the iOS 5 install can't be persuaded to use the attached 1TB USB drive despite the working MobileSync junction thereto.

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    do you still have the installer of itunes 'cause if you still have I think if I could recall it that you can choose its path for example:


    C:\Program Files\iTunes


    you can just change the path like so...


    D:\New folder\iTunes


    and it show that the hard disk will just go to the D hard disk


    but don't take me too seriously 'cause I'm not yet sure so just try it...



    Hope it really helped you  

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    I tried the last suggestion and did not work. Can apple support help here?


    I need 27GB on my PC  to install IOS 5 and I've 2GB on my PC. Help!