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Back then when we were syncing with MobileME, the control panel allows us to decide what to do when there is a conflit of data in the cloud vs the information on our computer.  We were given the option of Replacing information in Me with information on the computer or vice versa, but now we do not have any of these options.  And currently when i sync my computer with icloud, i dont know if the information (Contacts, Bookmarks) will be replaced with the current informaiton on the iCloud (transfered from MobileMe) or they will merge (if they merge then i would have double of contacts,bookmarks??) or the information in the iCloud would be replaced?


If we had more options in the control panel of iCloud, then things can be simplier.  However, with the current iCloud control panel, we have no way of knowing what happens when there is a conflict and we won't know what action the iCloud would take for the conflict of information.


So currently i still dont know if my Favourites (Bookmarks) will be replaced or not.


Does anyone know if we can wipe out the info on iCloud and replace it with the data (Contacts, bookmark, calendars etc) on our computer?

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