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    I don't know if it is related. I had wifi problems using IOS and Lion with airport express and extreme configured with roaming. I would have very poor network connectivity to the airport even though the wifi signal was strong. It was related to the interaction between the airport, uverse router and gigabit switch. Removing the 2wire 3801 from the network resolved the problem. I configured the extreme with NAT and DMZ plus on the 2wire.

    I have the following configuration in my network:

    • Uverse2wire 3801 router
    • Airport extreme firmware 7.6
    • Two airport express 802.11n hardwired to extreme. Set up in bridge mode. All accesspoints have same SSID "create a network" to enable roaming.  firmware 7.6
    • Netgear GS608 - 8 port gigabit switch
    • Trendnet TEG-S80g - 8 port gigabit switch

    See my posting

  • nmikloiche Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here - I have iPad (original) and updated iOS 5 late last night.  This morning I'm trying to read email, etc and wifi continues to drop.  If I go into WiFi Networks and tell it to Forget Network and re-join that will sometimes get me back online; otherwise I have to either shutdown or tell it to reset my network configuration.  Even when I can get back online it is only for a short period of time before it will disconnect. I have other devices in my house that are connected to the WiFi just fine - so I know its not an issue with my home network.  I'm calling AppleCare at 9am ET - I will post an update if I get any worthwhile info.

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    I have six iOS devices, all are running well with no issues.


    Upgrade of iPhone 3GS from 4.x directly to iOS 5.0.1
    Upgrade of iPhone 4 from 4.x directly to IOS 5.0.1
    Upgrade of two early iPad 2 from 4.x directly to 5.0.1
    Two new iPhone 4s purchased with 5.0.x, upgraded to 5.0.1 immediately upon activation


    No WiFi issues at any time, no battery run-down issues, no significant glitches during update process.


    WiFi network is Airport Extreme to Internet, Time Capsule and Airport Express wired as WiFi extenders, all updated to current 7.6 version.

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    upgraded an iPad 2 WiFi to iOS 5 then 5.01 with no problems.


    Then a few days ago started losing WiFi (usually there are several networks on the list but now there were none). MacBookPro and Android phone still connecting fine.


    Tried resetting network settings, didn't help. Looked into downgrading the OS by putting iPad into service mode but iTunes says device not eligible (as downgrading is no longer supported with iOS 5).


    Then as of yesterday it is working again (touch wood).

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    Worked around this iOS 5 bug by downgrading router from WPA2 Personal to WEP encryption. WiFi connections now stable.


    Network config is D-Link router used as WAP with routing turned off, connected via wire to TPLink router, connected to cable modem. Symptoms were iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad losing WiFi connection every 5-10 minutes even though physically close to router, while Android, Windows and OS X clients worked fine.

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    Hi, I've got the same problem since I have updated my iPad to OS 5.01. I tried everything with my router and nothing worked. What are you waiting APPLE to solve this widely-known problem???? Is a key functionality guys...come on!

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    Add me to the list of folks having this issue.  Didn't even notice I had the problem until AT&T sent me text message telling me I was now a 5%'er!  Turns out since I upgraded my 3GS to iOS 5 that I've been using 3G all the time I was in my house or at work were my 3GS has worked fine for 2 years.  NO changes on the network end, only on the phone.  Apple phone support had me jump through ever hoop immaginable.  Not working.  My iPad2 was upgraded the same night and works gloriously with the same wifi networks the 3GS doesn't even see -- and I'm looking at the wifi antena 3 cubes away!!


    The offer of spending $149 for a refurbished unit with unknown history because of a firmware/software bug has got me telling smartphone & tablet looking friends that Apple is the new MicroSoft...

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    I have solved this Issue for Good ...... and I could have been any happier


    The Solution / fix for this issue is:


         I sold my iPhone 4 ...... the other solution was to get it replaced by a refurbished one from apple ...

         I picked choice 1 ..... Waiting for  Samsung's Galaxy S3 ... Bye Bye Apple

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    Apple gave me a one time exception to replace the phone 5 that had wifi problems.   I am going to the store this Thursday to swap.    I hope the next one they give me does not have this wifi problem.  If it does, I am abandoning ship. 

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