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bluehiker Level 1 Level 1

When the iphone screen is locked you can use the camera (with new iOS5).  When you quit the camera, you have access to the iphone without using the password.


Which begs the question:  what good is the password?


Is there anyway to fix this?

iPhone 4
  • TheDave413 Level 4 Level 4

    I just tried this:


    -Enabled passcode to unlock.

    -Locked the phone.

    -Double-clicked the Home button to bring up the camera button

    -Launched Camera and took a picture.

    -Clicked the Home button to exit Camera.


    The ohone immediately requried me to enter the passcode before I was able to see my Home screen or do anything else.

  • jarmat Level 1 Level 1

    The bypass of the passcode seems to happen if you view the picture you have taken...


    I've just done the following with passcode to unlock enabled:


    - locked the phone

    - double-clicked the home button to bring up the camera button

    - launched camera and took a picture

    - tapped the picture to view it (the picture is shown with a camera roll 1 of 1 title).

    - clicked the phone's home button

    - I'm now on the phone's home screen with access to all the apps and I didn't have to enter a passcode


    Not what I would call secure.

  • jarmat Level 1 Level 1

    Had another play this morning with this one and I don't think it is as bad as I thought.


    I had mistakenly thought that if I switched the screen off using the power button that the phone would be locked and would therefore need a pass code entered to unlock it.   This isn't the case.  The pass code is only activated after a set amount of time (5 minutes in my case).    When the pass code is activated then I couldn't bypass the pass code screen in the way described above.


    I still think it is a little confusing that when you go into the camera app from the lock screen and try and view pictures that it tells you the phone is locked and you need to unlock the phone, but if you hit the home button you get to the home screen with the phone unlocked (since it wasn't actually locked in the first place), but that is just a bit of misleading text rather than a security issue. 


    Apologies for any confusion caused.