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    Unfortunately that isn't a catch all.  I just tried again and it was unsuccessful.

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    Solution in this topic worked for me!


    Contacting apple support also solved my problem. I Also couldn't remove (or see) that my appleID was registered with an old MobileMe account that was no longer active (Was a 30 day free trial that I didn't continue). I think at one point in december they rolled all MobileMe accounts over to iCloud somewhere in December (as it stopped working for me in December) and my email address conflicted on both accounts...


    Support escalated the case and the address was manually removed by an employee and it started working like before.

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    Same problem here; not receiving invitations in Icloud or Ical agenda, but only via email as an "ics attachment"

    Resolved by removing any "alternate UNVERIFIED" email addresses in my Apple ID; log in with your ID ( and remove those email adresses...

    Thanks for all the suggestions here in this thread.

    It helped me solving this irritating problem!



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    Yes I am having same issue but all was running fine for awhile. I converted to iCloud months ago.  All with invites fine - I do these on daily basis... then all of a sudden the people I was inviting were letting me know they were not getting my invites.  I trouble shooted, not a lot of success except, if you put choose the  On Your Mac calendar instead of iCloud calendar, it does work.  But that's a problem as I need it to be on iCloud calendar so all syncs with my devices.  Really frustrating.  In theory I would have to create separate event - one for myself and one for my invitees... stupid.  Really annoyed. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts.


    I'm not sure of the whole response above about SPF record but that's not really helpful. It should be seamless... and it was til just recently. I'm not sure what changed.

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    Same problem here - the iCloud calendar won't send any invites. In addition, received invites from Outlook/Exchange Server are only shown as ICS files in emails, not as invitations which I could accept/decline.


    I guess I will have to get in touch with Apple support (though I have only one address with no other addresses linked to it).

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    I got some help from great sources at.  Ended up talking to a guy. Didn't pay anything.  They wanted me to initially but I said it was an iCloud issue that they needed to address, etc. Turns out I didn't really have a problem!  Long story but it's on my husband's end!!  Mail will not show the invite sent when you use iCloud as goes from your server to icloud server to recipient server.  Technically coming from iCloud and not direct from my isp.  anyway, they were a wealth of info and bet they could troubleshoot for you. 


    Have you tried Express Lane?


    Jump start your next support call by creating a case online first. Let us know the best time to reach you, and we'll connect you to an Apple Advisor who has the answers. Put yourself in the driver's seat and check out Express Lane today!


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    at Express Lane... that's how I got to talking to the right people. they called immediately.

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    That worked for me too. Thanks.

    I had an old apple id username  (not email address) that was associated with my new email apple id.

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    Here's the answer to the issue of iCloud calendar not sending invites ...

    Your iCloud email address must be active. Otherwise, iCloud does not have a proper email address from which to send thr invitation.


    So on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows, turn on the iCloud mail option and create a new email address You can choose to add that email acct to your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows mail accounts, or simply manage it on the web at


    If you do not want to actively monitor the email acct, I'd suggest forwrding mail from the acct to an email address that you do actively manage.

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    So I called Apple support about this -- got through two different levels of tech support and finally was speaking to a senior analyst.  Apparently it is a glitch with iCloud.  His last e-mail to me indicated that their iCloud software engineers are looking into it right now and they'll get back to me.  When I hear back I'll let you all know what I find out.  I did in the meanwhile try to start another account with success in being able to send invites again -- was able to move my calendars to that account and use it.  HOWEVER... the new account also stopped working after only about 1 or two days.  It's an issue ,.. I'm waiting to find out what the issue is with ...

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    I just got off the phone with Apple tech support.  They said that you can only send an invite from an iCloud calendar to another iCloud calendar.  This is ridiculous.  I wish I had never wasted my time with iCloud calendars.  I'm going back to Google Calendars.

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    This is not accurate.  You can send invites to non-iCloud users (they get an email). 

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    Another thing.  I was having this issue when I sent invitations using IE8/9 and found out that it seems to be a problem with the autofill feature in IE8/9 only.  If you remove the name in parenthesis after the name autofills, and then send the invitation, it works fine. 


    I alerted apple to the issue with IE.




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    I want to believe you, but when I send invites from my iCloud calendar in iCal to people that do not have iCloud accounts they do not receive an email or notification of any kind.  And no, the message is not in their junk folder, spam folder, etc.   Everyone I try to send invites to has a Gmail account, perhaps gmail is the problem?  Either way, iCloud calendar is a failure.  A good calendar should be able to send an invite to anyone. 

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    I also have some problems with my Apple ID's.


    When somebody invites my to an calendar item I get an Email in stead of an iCal notification. I mailed but they can't help me because this problem is related to an Apple ID and they don't support that. They simply said that I have to call Apple Care.


    I have 1 Apple ID that has en unverified Email address that is the same as my iCloud Email address. So I think that is the problem. I can't delete or change it. When I click on the buttons, the page refreshes but nothing happens.


    Is there somebody here that know how I can solve this problem? Is there any direct email to Apple ID support?





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