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How do you send iMessage TO an iPad? Everyone tells me to send message to the Apple ID email. The problem is that I can only type numbers in the send to box. Even selecting contact from addressbook I can only choose a phone number, not the email. So for the iPad I can send iMessages to an iPhone but not to iPod or iPad becasue these devices dun hv a number.

iPad, iOS 4.3.3, iOS 5
  • Kappy Level 10 (266,026 points)

    Works properly on mine. I can enter an email address for the To: recipient.

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    When I tap on the compose button it automattically brings up the keyboard.  Yours doesn't do that?  Also, when I begin typing the name of a contact, it defaults to their phone number.  If I scroll down, then I can see emails for contacts with that name.  Hope you get it figured out!


    Another tip is to make sure that your ipad is set up to receive messages using a different email than your iphone.  You can change that in your settings.

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    You need to go to settings/general/network/cellular data network/MMS


    and key in your provider's MMS settings...

    When you do so, go back to iMessage, you see the keyboard containing "@" and "."

    Plus if you choose a contact now, you can choose his phone number or email address (not just phone number)

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    how do you find your providers mms settings.  I am using At&t ipad2