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I have created a free @me.com email address from my iPad to use with iCloud. Problem is is that it has a typo in the name so I need to find a way I can remove/disassociate that email from my iCloud account so that I can make a new one.


How do I remove or change my iCLoud email account?

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    I would also like to know that, it's very frustrating that I can't undo my error.

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    I also have the same problem. I can't change my iCloud  @me.com email account. Why can't it be changed or deleted. We should be able to edit the email address.

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    I also have this problem... although slightly different. during the setup of my iPad2 iCloud has got my old Apple ID email address which I no longer have and therefore I cannot verify it and cannot delete it..... this is my first attempt at an Apple product so come on Apple... impress me.....

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    You can't recreate a new address if you make a typo. It tells you that in the process to be sure before you click the button.



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    I just spent two days working with tech support to get the same answers of it can't be done and there's no way to fix it.  I can' t believe that even Microsoft allows you to do this on their products and this lauded upgrade which give us access to the iCloud doesn't -- email address will change -- hello!  Why would you not allow it to be changed in the settings.   The only positive I got out of the tech support call was that it at least gave me the link to this feedback area so I can vent with everyone else.  Hmmmm, where all my diehard Apple and Mac friends complain about Microsoft and Windows -- I have something to toss back their way.

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    The best you can do is this.

    1. Log into iCloud from your Mac.  Go to Mail.

    2. Click the Gear icon (upper right)

    3. Select Preferences/Addresses

    4. Add the correct email address as an alias

    5. Use the alias instead of the incorrect address


    You may need to use the "real" address when conducting business type stuff with Apple.