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    I'm in the same boat.  I just got a 2012 Mazda3 and the Bluetooth works great as far as the songs playing and answering calls from my phone.  All i see is BT Audi on the screen, no song info.  Also I added some numbers to the vehicles Phonebook & it didn't work to make a call.  I'm not sure if anyone else is having trouble dialing from the vehicle, not the phone, of maybe I just did it incorrectly. 

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    Apple finally responded to the bug report I submitted a few weeks ago. They requested that I reproduce the issue and then plug my iPhone into my computer and open the iPhone Configuration Utility to grab the console log. I sent them the requested log... hopefully it helps them fix this.

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    I have a iPhone 4 with iOS 5.01 and a Mazda CX-7 2010, no Nav or Bose.  Does anyone know if this year model is supposed to allow for tracke information, instead of "BT Audio"? 

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    Keep us informed Derek, i keep hearing that it is compatiblity between iphone and mazda, it works for everyone else. Hopefully they give you (all us) an answer soon.

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    Thanks Derek.  If they want logs from anybody else, I'm sure we'd all be glad to help out.

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    No new responses yet... I'll keep you guys posted.



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    I just got off the phone with Mazda Customer Service.  They're having a conference call this afternoon to figure out what the next setps are - Mazda Technical Support will be participating as well.  They promised to call me with an update.


    Also, we just paired our friend's macBook running OS10.7.2 with our 2012 CX-9 and all the song info showed up.  Worked like a charm.


    It's pretty confusing at this point  - an IPhone running IOS5.0.1 worked just fine on a 2010 CX-9, with all the song info showing on the display.


    On our 2012 CX-9, neither the IPhone, Windows Laptop, nor Android Phone showed any song info.  The MacBook is the only device that worked.


    Oh, and the IPhone ran fine on a 2012 Honda CRV, but not a 2012 Pilot.

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    Spoke with Mazda Customer Service this afternoon.


    At first they explained that the display of song info feature will only work with NAV units.  When I told them they were wrong, we actually tried this out at the dealer on a 21012 CX-9, they didn't have any sort of comeback.


    Their next statement was absolutely ridiculous.


    "The Owner's Manual contains a disclaimer, not all features may always work."


    I then asked them if this applies to the engine:  According to the manual, I purchased a 6 cylinder car. If it turns out to be only 4 cylinders, does this fall under the same disclaimer?


    The manual contains no such disclaimer.  The manual does state that not all cars come with all features (like heated seats).  But it's clear on the BT capability.


    I then followed this up with:  How do you explain the part in the manual which states that song/track info WILL be displayed is the BT device is AVCRP 1.3 equipped?


    They had no answer.


    I've contacted a friend of mine who's an attorney.  I'm probably going to file a lawsuit against them for false representation.

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    Wow that is ridiculous. The first point about it only working with cars that have the nav units is definitely false. My 2012 3 has the tech package and it doesn't work. Hopefully I get a better response from Apple. The car clearly supports the feature because I got it working with my HP Touchpad.

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    Hi guys, quick question slightly off topic. When you listen to the regular radio do you get the song name and artist info? I just bought a Mazda 3 sky and all it shows is the statio number.

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    I have not seen mine do that, but I think the stations have to support it. Not sure if any of my stations support it. It does work with with the Sirius XM satellite radio though.

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    So in doing a little more research here, I don't believe it has anything to do with the IPhone nor the radio unit since:


    1. A MACBook works fine in our 2012 showing the song info (shows that the radio/display is capable of showing the info if it is received from the BT module)


    2.  My IPhone works in a 2010 CX-9 and 2012 Honda (shows that the phone is OK).


    I believe it is an issue with the Mazda Bluetooth module (made by Johnson Controls).


    Our 2012 has a Bluetooth Unit Model TG1866 DHXA with a SW rev of 03.03.000.  Out friend's 2010 CX-9 (the samecar) has a module (that works) Model TE6966 DHXA.



    According to the dealer, our car should have a BT module TG1866 DHX (no A on the end).


    The service supervisor at our dealer is going to try and order a TE6966 and try it out in our car.  Unfortunately, Mazda controls these things pretty tightly, and doesn't like to provide them for warranty repairs to dealers without proof of a failure so he's going to try and get one directly from United Radio.  If he can't order one, I'm going to take my car in and complain the the BT module keeps hanging up calls to try and get it replaced.


    If all else fails, I may consider ordering a BT module myself from the Parts Dept.

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    Interesting... I wonder why it would matter though. The BT module is clearly capable of receiving the metadeta. AVRCP 1.3 is a standard, so it shouldn't matter what device is talking to the it. I wish there was a way to sniff the communication between the head unit and the iPhone and other working devices to see what's different, or atleast some way of debugging this.


    The console log does provide some information about the iPhone's bluetooth, but I don't understand much of it:

  • RWR3_TX Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    How do you find what BT Module you have?

  • Blarnson Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just pop out the glove box - the BT Module is sitting right behind it above the cabin air filter.

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