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When I go into the camera app (or from the lock screen, because I upgraded to iOS 5) all it does is show the shutter. I can click the camera button at the bottom, but nothing happens. There is no "switch camera" option, but there is the switch to switch from pictures to video (which doesn't help). When using other camera applications, such as Photoshop Express, the camera (outer) works fine until I click the "switch camera" button, when it freezes.

What may not have helped (and is probably the source of the problem) is that i accidentally dropped my iPod in water, but i put it in rice and blow-dried it. Any suggestions?

iPod touch, iOS 4.3.3
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    Try the standard fixes:

    - Reset:

    Reset iPod touch:  Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at

    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    - Restore from backup

    - Restore to factory defaults.

    If you still have the problem it is likely due to the water.

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    Same problem... just after installing IOS 5.0


    The camera(s) shutter will be closed for a while, unable to be used.


    Also, camera(s) will no longer switch between modes (shoting regular pic vs. shoting self)


    As others have mentioned, I also did the common things to try to fix this:


    - I closed the Camera app and restart it

    - I rebooted the iPad Touch 4G

    - I did a hard reset


    None of this helped.


    This happens on ALL the camera apps I have (four or five).


    Which makes me think it's a Bug


    I think we have to try to bring this to Apple's attention.



    Note: I'm posting this on all relevant threads as I become aware of them.


    Update: A Partial Fix, I did the 'dramatic,' decision of doing a full Reset/Restore (System>General>Reset) and after that the front shutter now works again, so I can take pics of things in the normal way, but one of my camera apps made it clear it gets an ERROR when trying to switch to the self-photo/Facetime mode, so I'm avoiding doing that to the Apple Camera app.


    Since it started for me with a software change, and it got partially fixed with a system Reset I more firmly believe it must be a bug. It looks like a bug. It acts like a bug. It's a bug.


    Apple is a good company and if they get the word I'm sure they will do what's necessary to fix this problem. So keep talking it up on Discussions and send Feedback is all we can do... and many of us don't have a Genius Store nearby (plus, it can't be good for business to be returning products because of software issues).